Review for Rat Queens Vol.1: Sass & Sorcery

Review for Rat Queens Vol.1: Sass & Sorcery

20299683Well this was an… um interesting trip, I guess. I have to admit that several times during the book I was thinking of dropping it. It was a bit too vulgar and gory for me. But I pushed, mostly because I wanted to know about the assassins and I wanted to learn more about the characters.

Because, damn, those characters are epic. I love all of them, but especially Betty. Though I really had to keep reminding myself she was probably an adult, and not a kid which she really looked like. I also liked her story line a lot, and I loved how she was tiny but kick really major ass.
Violet, Hannah and lastly, Dee. All fantastic characters with talents, backgrounds and a total kick-ass attitude that made me laugh and made me cheer for them. Sure, they didn’t always do stuff right and sure, they apparently exploded and caused chaos, but they all have good hearts.
The only things I didn’t like was how vulgar they were. Cursing, crude talks about sex, booze and more. At times it just seemed way over the top.

I did like the story in this one, unlike a lot of comics I have read recently, everything is explained and you can just ease in the story and relax and cheer for the girls and the other groups.

The colours and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and fabulous. I love the way the characters are drawn. They really looked like they could just step out of the book.

The only thing I didn’t like was the gore, I can handle a bit of things, but seeing an arrow pierce someone’s neck, seeing someone’s brains fly around or see hands being cut off (and see the bones and such), is just something that made my stomach go up and down and made me sick. It was also a reason why I wanted to drop this book at times. It was just too much.

Will I be reading the second volume? And maybe even the rest of this series? Yes, yes I will. I might get squeamish and I might get sick, I might get tired and feel bad about the vulgarity, but I want to know more about the characters, it seems the next one will be all about Dee and her backstory, and I am so curious about her. She seems to love books more than parties and I want to know more about N’rygoth.

All in all, even with the times I wanted to drop the book, even with all the vulgarity, I will rate this book a 4 stars. Because I did enjoy it + I found a cast of characters that I can’t just leave alone.


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