Review for Say I Love You Vol.7

Review for Say I Love You Vol.7

22856227What I expected: Lots of Mei-chan and Yamato action, but sadly the manga was mostly centred around Megumi and her drama.

Don’t get me wrong, what happens/happened to Megumi is bad, but after all her shit, and all the stuff she put Mei-chan and other people through? I can’t like her, I can’t just say, aww that poor little thing. Just because she had a tough life with bullying and growing up without much money, doesn’t mean she has to become a bully and be a bitch towards everyone. Throughout this book I was just sighing and shaking my head and also being quite a bit bored. I don’t think I can ever like Megumi, I can see that she still has darkness in her, and that it is just itching to get out and play and ruin people.

I did like how she and Momo got together, they are great friends and I hope that Megumi will appreciate Momo a bit more this time.

Again, after the last volume, I was so hoping for our couple to finally do a bit more than just kissing and hugging, but alas, I guess that is not how the manga goes and that is not how Mei-chan rolls. Still, I am sad, after 7 books I was just hoping for a bit more romance and stuff. It just feels odd and strange now. I can imagine that Mei-chan is shy, and worried and all that, but they have been together for quite a bit of time, yet they are still so awkward around each other.

Mei-chan is growing and I am happy to see her get out of her shell more and more. I loved the last part with the yukata and the festival. It was really sweet of her to do this (even though she needed a nudge in the right direction by her mom). Yamato is lucky to have Mei-chan.

The art is still gorgeous and I really enjoy how everything is drawn. Though I still think the girls are drawn a bit too skinny (they almost look anorexic) and at times it creeps me out a bit. Especially considering that one of the characters had weight problems in the past and now is also totally super skinny. I wouldn’t mind seeing a girl with normal weight or who looks normal.

I do hope the next volume will focus on our couple again, and I hope that Kai and Megumi will stay far away from everything. I could use a volume with only Yamato and Mei-chan again.

Still, I would recommend this one to everyone. The manga is pretty realistic and features some very heavy topics, which might not be for everyone, so be warned.


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