Review for The Islanders: Volume 1: Zoey Fools Around and Jake Finds Out

Review for The Islanders: Volume 1: Zoey Fools Around and Jake Finds Out

23287180Wow, just wow. This was a pretty great book.

There are only two reasons why I rated this book a 4 star and not a 5 star. First reason is the fact that the POV jumps from one character to another. Each of our characters gets at least a few words in, some more than others. Zoey, Nina, Claire, Aisha are the main characters, but the guys, Jake, Benjamin, Lucas, Christopher also have a few parts. It was especially confusing during the first chapters. I was just thinking it would be Zoey’s POV (since hey, the book is called Zoey Fools around), but suddenly found myself watching the story unfold from the minds of Nina, Claire or Aisha. After a while I got used to it, but it is still something I don’t prefer. I prefer POVs to change during a chapter change, or when it is clearly marked. I just can’t switch from one person to another in a short time span without any warning.

The second reason is the characters. Don’t get me wrong, together they are a fantastic group and they make the story come alive. But quite a few of them are meh or terrible. For instance Claire and Nina were 2 characters I really didn’t like. I will discuss the characters in a bit.

I want to talk about the story first. The story was perfect. We have romance, drama, but also mystery. Because, 2 years ago an accident happened. An accident that killed Jake’s brother Wade. An accident that was caused by Lucas. Or at least that is what we are being fed in the beginning. Slowly, as the story continues you will find out that maybe not everything is what it seems. You will get enough hints, and quite soon you will find out that things might be going down very soon. I really like how the author wrote the story, instead of making it clear from the start, she slowly builds up the tension, slowly builds up to a climax. I approve of this. Some books build up, then dump the climax and then walk away. The author here didn’t do that. Even when we find out the truth, she keeps it exciting and fun to read. You just want to know what goes on, you want to know how this will rock the foundations of the little island.

Because that is also what attracted me to this book, a little island, people who have known each other for a long time, and now things will be rocked and shaking. What will it do to the whole foundation that they build up, the little relationships they build? It was really interesting how everything was woven together, how everyone knew each other (or did they?). Even with all that, I don’t think an island would be the place for me. I kind of like anonymity and privacy. Knowing that if something happens, that the only ones that know about it are my family or friends. Not the whole town/island.

The author did a great job describing the island, describing how small it was and how it looked. I could just imagine myself standing there, looking around me and seeing a small town, see the waves crashing against the beach. I could just imagine myself hopping on the ferry to get to the mainland.

I liked that this was a two in one book, especially considering how the books ends, you just want more!

Now for the characters. I will mention each character and tell a bit what I thought about them.

Let’s start with Zoey.
I think Zoey was the best character in the entire book. Sure, she had some faults, and sure she did some things wrong (the situations with Lucas for instance), but she is a good girl at heart. She tries her best to help everyone, even if that means pissing off people. Unlike some of the characters, she was quite relatable, even though her romance novels were a bit awkward and weird.

I am still not entirely sure if I like him or not. On the one hand, he is awesome for being able to manoeuvre through life while being blind. It was quite amazing to read how he navigated through school, his house, the island. He knew exactly where he was and how to get there. I liked that he was smart and that he thought through everything. Nothing escaped him. He was also protective of his sister. But, he was also mean, rude and at times a prick. His attitude could use some adjusting. He really drew out the worst from people.

A so-so character that didn’t really leave much of an impression on me. I did think the way she played with Christopher was bad. You could clearly see she liked him, yet she kept denying.

A horrendous, childish, annoying character, who never seemed to keep any secrets. Not even those of her friends. Which is a trait I don’t like in my characters. I don’t mind if a character accidentally spills something, but Nina? Nina just kept doing it. No matter what it was about. Also she was so childish, the way she acted, the things she did. Her negativity about a lot of things just got on my nerves. I wish she would be happy for once, and not think negative stuff about a lot of people. And what was up with her having a unlit cigarette in her mouth at all times? o.0

The character I hated the most. What a manipulative, conniving bitch she was. Throughout the book she is just plotting things, saying or doing things that will harm others. Her secret and what she did with it? I just wanted to smack her.
However, I can say that during the last pages… I might just started seeing that she also had a good side to her. But, only for a few pages. She hurt a lot of people with what she did after certain events took place in this book and I can’t just shrug and say it is all forgiven.
Her weather mania? It got a bit annoying, it felt out of place and out of character. It just didn’t feel like something she would like. I would see her more as the ever shopping, make-up and giggles kind of girl.

I am not sure what I thought about him. He was a bit too clingy, and I can imagine girls will be scared off if you talk about marriage and staying with them forever. He was also a bit dull and boring. I do feel sorry for him, for what he lost, and what he will lose in the next coming books.
I didn’t like his attitude when certain things happened in the book. It just felt weird how fast he was all over a certain person, and the things he said. Man, what a dick move. Maybe he didn’t mean it, but seriously, you don’t just say things like that.

Another great character. The poor guy, I felt so sorry for him. He did all that for that person? Wow. Wow. Wow. Not a good step, but I can imagine why he did it.
He was really kind and friendly, and I liked how he tried his best to reconcile with people. He really tried so hard.

Ah, Christopher. Dear Lord, I disliked him. He was just under Claire in my ranking under bleh/horrible/bad characters. Mostly I disliked him for how he acted around Aisha. Possessive, demanding and quite honestly? Scary and stalkerish. You don’t do all that to a girl. It is just sick and creepy. At times I was just disturbed at how he thought, or how he always seemed to be there when Aisha was. shivers

Now with all the characters being talked about, I will just end my review with this: I would really recommend this book to everyone. Are you looking for secrets? A tiny island? Characters that will make you feel things (good and bad)? And of course romance? Then try this book. I can’t wait for the second volume to arrive, since this book ended on quite an open note, and I am all curious about Jake and how stuff will continue!


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