Review for The Walking Dead Vol. 02 ~Miles Behind Us~

Review for The Walking Dead Vol. 02 ~Miles Behind Us~

138396Not as good as the previous book. There was just too much idiocy and secrets going on.

The first part was a bit confusing, I was expecting Rick/Lori, but instead it was before she found out Rick was still alive. We find out what happened between Shane and Lori.

Apparently Lori is pregnant, gee, what a surprise. I am wondering if she will ever tell Rick. I am sure Rick must have some idea that it isn’t his kid. After all there were enough rumours, enough talk, and the fact he has been in a coma for quite a few weeks. Add that up, and he can’t deny that his wife had sex with another guy. A guy that he knew (since we know how Shane ended up). I am kind of curious how this will go, will she tell him? How will the pregnancy go? Since she will need more food, she will need medical attention. And not to talk about the whole zombie infested world, where running is a necessity, where you need to be strong and fit to survive. Of course with the ending of this volume, I am sure there might be a bit of a chance that it will all go well, but as we have seen in these 2 volumes, everything that will go wrong, will go horrifically wrong.

Because, yes, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Though most of the time it is because of the stupidity of the people, they are not used to this world yet. You see a neighbourhood, closed off, and you just walk around like that? Of course things go to hell as soon as stuff is found out, but of course stuff is also found out way to late.
Then we have some guy who decided it was a terrific idea to just stuff his barn full of those zombies. Like, um, what could possibly go wrong? AH yes, when you want to add another one and the rest decides to party. I can somehow imagine that you don’t want to shoot them, that they might still be alive, but I would say given the state of these critters that you can see they are dead, or otherwise mortally wounded. It is a shame that people had to die, it could have all been prevented.

Not only do people die, we also get new people, and we have to say bye to one character because he decides to stay behind for reasons. I am starting to slowly learn not to get attached to characters. Anyone can and anyone will die. It is a bit disturbing, but I guess it is is to be expected in such a cruel world full of zombies and people who are careless or who are out to hurt people.

The art was totally different, which kind of sucked. I really liked the art in the previous volume and I was hoping it would continue in this one. Now I had to get used to the new way stuff was draw, and it wasn’t always that good. Often it was too dark, sometimes I just had to base my who is this-part to what was being said.

There is also quite some sex or mentioning of sex, and it also threw me off. I don’t mind sex, but I come for the zombies.

All in all, at times this was just a bit boring, at times it was just too much, but mostly it was interesting to see how Rick’s group is doing. I hoe they will be able to settle down for a bit. I will be sure to check out the third volume soon.


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