Review for The Walking Dead Vol.1 ~Days Gone Bye~

Review for The Walking Dead Vol.1 ~Days Gone Bye~

138398I am still quite new to this Walking Dead world, I played the first part of the Walking Dead game, and I heard people hype over the tv-show, but I never felt the need to watch it. Still I was in for some zombie action and decided to read the graphic novel/comic.

And what can I say other than that this was very epic and very gripping. I didn’t like all the characters, some were terrible (I am looking at you Shane, or that judgemental woman (I forgot her name)), some were just making the wrong choices (Lori). But most of the characters were awesome, I really loved Rick, I can not imagine how it is for one to wake up, to find out the world is empty, to find out that while he was in a coma the world he knows was replaced with a world of dead and death. A world where nothing is certain anymore. Where getting through the day, surviving and trying to make the best of things are first priorities. Say bye to luxuries, say bye to sleep, say bye to feeling safe. Now, there is only a world where you can die at any moment, you can lose those you love instantly. (Which makes relationships a tricky thing, do you want to invest in it? Or do you want to go alone? Can you handle it when you need to shoot your loved ones when they have been bitten? When they are turning? Can you do that?)

Rick tried his best so hard, tried to help out, but Shane was truly a jackass. Not opening his eyes, not wanting to see the truth. And the truth is, everyone is fucked. The government might get back together, but it won’t be an easy feat, and until then it might be best to make better decisions. To make sure that everyone is safe. Screw it that the government might not find you instantly, screw that you might have to fight a bit longer. But isn’t survival the first thing you should think of? I mean, it is nice and all, those tents, cars and trailers, but there is no protection. Not only do zombies want to eat you and your lovely brains, but you also got weather and the need for food and items. In the end you will have to move, or make a decision to do something. You can’t just linger at the same place in such an insecure setting for a long time.
We can clearly see what happens when you don’t make decisions in time. I was just waiting for something to happen, and yes something happens. I won’t spoil what, but it is just made me angry, it made me frustrated, it made me sad. Sad that this had to happen, it might still have happened, that is the world now, but I think it could at least have been prevented for a bit.

I didn’t particularly like Lori, I already had a hint to what was going on between her and Shane (at least in the beginning, the before Rick arrived part). Enough people warned Rick, and there were enough hints. Dang girl, I can imagine that you might decide to do that, but it is just nasty and stupid to do that. Now you will have to live with the guilt, and I wonder how long she will be able to do that.
I also didn’t like her attitude towards guns. I am also no fan of guns, but sorry, it is the zombie apocalypse, you need to be able to protect yourself, and just kicking and hitting a zombie is not enough. You need to be able to kill them, you need to be able to say Fuck this, and shoot them. And yes, that means that in this world a kid will need to have a gun. Need to learn how to use it, and will need to use it. And you can act like a bitch towards your husband, but he is just trying to save you guys.

We also learn about the other characters and they really come alive. Rick is the main character, but each character has something special, has a backstory and we truly get to know them. Which at times is a bit tough, especially when events happen. I know I shouldn’t get attached to these characters, I know that they might just get killed sooner or later, but I can’t help it. I just feel for them. Stuck in this world of dead and death. No way out, no way to just say: “Nah, not today.” And then walk away.

The last part of this volume was frustrating, it ends on a cliffhanger. And while I know I can just easily grab the second volume (it is out), I just don’t want to burn through these volumes too fast. I want to take it easy, but it seems the books don’t allow me to do that. They are just shouting at me to continue!

The art is pretty decent, the illustrator did a great job on capturing emotions, capturing the gore (yes, there is quite a bit of gore) and so much more. I also did like that the book was in black and white, unlike some comics/graphic novels, it fit with this one.

I guess, I will be reading Volume 2 very soon, I am really curious as to what will happen now that that happened, and I also want to know what Rick will do. These books are truly addicting, I can imagine people loving them. Good story, addicting, great characters, zombies and more.

I would really recommend this volume to everyone.


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