Review for The Worrier’s Guide to Life

Review for The Worrier’s Guide to Life

22716055I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I will be honest, I have, until yesterday (3 April 2015), never heard of this artist. In the back of the book she talks about a shirt with pugs that people are probably sick of. I just did a search, and sorry, I don’t recognize your shirt. Never saw anyone walking around with it here.

Now for the book, as that is what the review is about. 🙂

This book was super funny and I (but also my boyfriend, because I just had to share some pictures) laughed out loud. It was just brilliant. We got stuff like hand-reading for millennials, creepy games, body diagrams, nailpolishes that no one ever would want or wear and a whole lot of more. It is a bit negative/cynical at times, but I think that is what makes it more brilliant.
The book is quite short and with just images, you can read this book quite fast. It only took me a very short time to read this book, and on the one hand this is too bad, but on the other I don’t think this book would have worked as well if it had been longer.

There were various parts that I really liked. I loved the Urban Birthstones, or the Landlubber flags and also the Dystopian Zodiac. Of course, I didn’t like everything, some things were just strange or a bit too negative for my liking. Oh, one last thing, I was so happy to see various references to stuff I (used to) like. For one I didn’t expect people to still know Anne Geddes! It was such a nice surprise.

The art is pretty good, I like the art-style. It was creative and new, not always pretty or good, but I think this style fits with the book as it is.

I would really recommend this book, it might surprise you and you will probably won’t be able to stop laughing.


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