Review for Trouble From the Start

Review for Trouble From the Start

22880504I am so disappointed in this book. I really liked the other book: The Boyfriend Project. Of course that one had some ups and downs, but not as much as this one.

Let’s just say that I expected something totally different. I expected a book full of gorgeous Fletcher x Avery action, lots of tough guy actions, lots of swooning. Instead, we got drama, drama, drama, expectations and reputations and a 2 people who just seem to want to deny anything about themselves. I wanted the stuff that was hinted in The Boyfriend Project book. Instead, this one takes place before the summer, and apparently way way before Avery x Fletcher happens.

Fletcher and Avery don’t get together until page 330 (of 368 pages), but that is broken up quickly because of Avery’s amazing tact skills, and then don’t really get together until page 362 (of 368). The last chapter is all about them, but of course, because that one fucking switched to fucking 4 weeks later. rolls eyes So be warned. If you are like me, coming for some swoony action, then turn away and find another book with that. There are kisses, and there are some romance, but it is mostly just frustrating to see them like one other but not want to get together for all kinds of bull reasons.

And yes, this lay in fault with Avery and Fletcher. I loved these 2 in the previous book, but I hated their guts in this one. Avery for her worthless tact, for her high expectations and her precious holy reputation. For caring more about what her parents want, than what she actually wants. Instead of breaking free and just doing what she wants to do we get this. I was really frustrated with both of them.

Fletcher was nice, I really found his backstory interesting, and it explains a lot about his bad boy attitude. However, the way he was thinking just annoyed me to no end. He kept stalking Avery, drooling over her, but not wanting to make a connection or commitment with her. And yes, I can imagine why, but come on. 330 or should I say 362 pages to finally get him to sway over it and see in that maybe Avery is really worth it? Just too much.

Tyler, Mom, Dad were all interesting characters. I loved that the Dad did his best to be with his family, while also working a lot.

But the story was just too frustrating, it took me 4 days and several tries, to get through this book and finish it.

Would I recommend it? If you don’t mind overkill drama, a romance that doesn’t get anywhere until the end, then sure read it. Otherwise I would say check out the other book in this series.


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