Review for White Hot Kiss

Review for White Hot Kiss

18006096I decided to read this series after I done a quiz about this series and I got curious as to who Roth was.

Wow, this book was pretty great. Not everything was good though, and that is why I give this one a 4 star instead of 5. Mostly the problems lay with the characters, the story was awesome and pulled me right in, and didn’t let me go. Even after the ending, I just want to continue.

The characters. We have 3 characters, and 1 of them is the main character. A girl named Layla. Who is half warden and half demon. I really loved the girl, but she was at times a bit well childish. Especially when it came to Zayne. She expected all kinds of things from him, demanded that he was there and was angry when he didn’t show up in the time he was expected to be home. She was jealous and angry towards people who came to close to her precious little Zayne. It was just silly, and I loved that Zayne just got angry about it after a while. Maybe she finally learns a lesson. Zayne is a friend (well for her he is a bit more than a friend) and you can’t just demand he is there for you always. Or pays 100% attention to only you. He also has a life, he also needs to think of his future.
I did like that she was half/half, it made the story more interesting and it made Layla a very interesting character. With her abilities, but also with some stuff happening around her that have to do with her.
I loved how she was with Roth, their bickering and then the slowly falling in love part, ah, I was just swooning so much. I didn’t mind that Roth was a demon, since Layla is half of that, I also didn’t see why she was so worried/uptight about things. It would have been bad if she had been human/warden. But since she is half demon…. I don’t see the problem.
And she was pretty kick-ass, she knew how to handle stuff, for which I am thankful, I was afraid she would be some kind of special snowflake who needs all kinds of help from everyone. And sure, she still needs help, but it isn’t that much.

Zayne. I still don’t like him. Sure, he is hot (at least going by the descriptions), and he has a good heart. But I didn’t like how he spoiled Layla, how he acted like she was 4 years old instead of the age she actually is. It infuriated me. I can imagine that he is doing it, after all he has known her for a long long time, but it still didn’t make it right. I also didn’t like how we couldn’t trust him that much. Every time Layla came to him with something, he would inevitably run to his daddy and cry wolf. I found this highly rude. I can imagine that you might want to talk to your dad, but to go to him every time? I couldn’t see how Layla still trusted him after all that. Maybe, just maybe, if Zayne was less of a daddy boy and more of a man, I might have liked him more. For now, nope.

Roth, ah Roth. swoons He so perfect and great, I really loved him and his attitude. He always had a comeback, and he took care of Layla. He respected her, and treated her as an equal. He listened to her and protected her. Something that Zayne didn’t do a lot of times (though that mostly had to do with him being a Warden and him sleeping during the day), but still. Roth was fantastic and I could just imagine how he looked (yeah, for a lot of delicious descriptions!). Him being a demon made it even better, he was devilish, but even under all that he was still a good guy (what a contradiction, no?) who tried his best to do his job and what he thought was right to do.

I loved how Roth named his familiars and pets. Those kittens were adorable! Bambi the snake was epic.

The part with Roth and Layla were swoonworthy and at times really hot. They had a lot of chemistry and I loved seeing them together (even their bickering was just adorable and cute). I do hope the next book will have more swoon and more romance.

The only characters I truly didn’t like were Abbott and Petr. Bleh, both of them. I can’t say why, as that would spoil the book, so just read the book and you will find out.

The story, the backstory of Layla, her past and everything that makes her her was epic. I really liked it and it was interesting, I just couldn’t stop reading and I wanted to know more and more. And I can’t wait to start with the second book and find out how the story will continue.

I would highly recommend this book to people. If you are looking for hot guys, romance and an epic plot, this is your book!
And me? I am totally team Roth!!!!


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