Review for xxxHolic Rei Vol.3

Review for xxxHolic Rei Vol.3

22856226Not a long review due to the huge amount of stuff happening that could potentially be a spoiler, but I just want to express my feelings for a bit.

This was a great volume, even with the long wait between volumes I can step easily in the world of xxxHolic and immediately know what happened in the previous volumes.
In this one we finally find out what is going on with Watanuki and the world he is in. We find out what choice he has to make and there are several other things happening that make me wonder. Who is calling Watanuki and who calls him by his first name? There are a few candidates, though I can’t remember if any of them ever spoke to Watanuki and used his first name. I can’t wait to find out.

It was really good to still see Yuuko, though I guess by the next book we won’t see her any more. And this makes me sad. Yuuko is a fantastic character and I really like her. I like how she is, at times wise, but at other times just a big kid.

Doumeki and Himawari are still good characters, though I am getting a bit tired of the Doumeki x Watanuki shtick they have going on. I know I was also getting bored of it in the first series. It was just annoying, I know that they don’t hate each other, but it does feel this way with how they act. How Watanuki acts around Doumeki.

The art is once again gorgeous and I really love seeing all the details that are present. There is a lot of symbolism and a lot of hints for the story.

I can’t wait for the next volume, especially since I really want to see Syaoran again!


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