Review for You’re Invited

Review for You’re Invited

21861366Received this ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Wow, this book was fantastic fun, it was adorable, cute and I loved that we had some realistic stuff going on as well.

We have 4 POVs, 4 characters, 4 friends. Violet (or Vi, as she prefers being called), Lauren (or Lo/Lolo), Sadie (Sades) and Becca (Bec/Beccs) are great friends and after a disastrous wedding party where Sadie gets fired by her mom, they decide to make their own party planning business. To show Sadie’s mom that Sadie can really handle herself and that she is awesome with planning. I loved this, instead of whining or complaining, these girls decided to do a party and then after that get in the business! Well, not all of them are enthusiastic at first. At least one of them needs motivation (and constant spam of texts) to get to join. And my oh my, they were great at it. I was expected some failure (after all these are 12-year olds), but they did everything perfectly, though of course, it didn’t always go right (dogs are just a bad idea), but they made sure it turned all great and that no one had too much bother with it.

Each of our 4 girls has a skill or is good at something. Vi loves cooking and is absolutely wonderful in it (I see a good future for her) and she loves sports (swimming/volleyball/etc.), Becca is the artistic one (singing/playing guitar/songwriting/make-up/clothes), Lauren is the brains of the group (even though they apparently SATs are still far away she is studying like crazy) and then we Sadie who is awesome at planning and organizing and making sure everything is perfect. I really loved that all the girls had this, it made them come more alive to me and it made me cheer for them when they needed cheering.

Normally I am not a big fan of multiple POVs, a lot of times a lot of POVs means confusion (especially when characters are written pretty much the same), but I must say, I never had that problem with this book. Actually I loved seeing everything happen from the different girls. How each of them saw their town, how they looked at their friends, how they tried their best.

I was kind of angry with Sadie’s mom. I can imagine she is busy, but couldn’t she at least make some time to be there for her girl? To care for her kids? Of course, I didn’t expect that to happen near the end. That was a nice twist! It made me rethink what I thought of the mom, though I am still angry at her. She could have at least shown her face once (and not just hide or have someone check the parties, since we never really find out if she was really checking them or if she just listened to the word go around about her daughter’s planning business). I just wanted to say “It’s ok.” to Sadie multiple times throughout the book.

Next to the mom, I didn’t like that Linney girl. Dear Lord, that girl is mean and rude. I disliked her from the start when we just met her, I just had a bad feeling about her and I was right. Bleh, at mean girls!

I loved the party invites and also the recipes at the beginning of Vi’s chapters. I will be sure to try them out, because I am kind of curious about them now.

We also have a bit of romance, but only a little bit. Most of the book is about the party planning, the summer that flies by and about their various families. As I said in the beginning, we don’t only have adorable stuff going on. We also have realistic stuff going on. For instance Vi and her dad who aren’t rich, and who gets bullied by a girl about it (and also the fact that she doesn’t care about fashion), then we have Sadie who lost her Dad and who has a mom who is totally overkill on working. Lauren who wants to prove herself, since her brothers are horrendous at school. All this added with all the fun made me love the book so much.

Oh, and my ARC had annotations, which gave more insight in the story or made me laugh (for instance when the whole wedding went wrong in the beginning and a Bridesmaid went over the railing? The annotations there was: Always a sign of a successful wedding. It made me laugh so hard, all that happened + the annotation!). I hope the author might consider adding them in the real book as well. I am sure people would love it. 🙂

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone! It is a terrifically fun book with a lot of things happening that everyone will love.


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