Animecon 2015 Book Haul

Animecon 2015 Book Haul

Hello everyone,

So last weekend it was time for Animecon again and while I still have that problem with my leg (it is still healing), I went and had a great time. Even if it meant I had to take a lot of breaks and had to dodge people who don’t get that people with crutches don’t just magically poof out of the way if you suddenly turn or start walking when I pass. I bought quite a lot of fun stuff, 2 bags and brand new (and absolutely adorable) wallet and some other stuff. Most importantly I found some manga volumes that I was looking for. I also found a gorgeous art book!

While it isn’t as much as last year, I am still delighted with the ones I found, almost all of them are OOP (Out of Print) and thus hard to find.




Galaxy Angel Vol.5 by Kanan
Happy Lesson Vol.1 by Shinnosuke Mori
Panic x Panic Vol.2 by Mika Kawamura
Imadoki! Nowadays Vol.5 by Yuu Watase
Hellsing Vol.4 by Kohta Hirano
Hellsing Vol.8 by Kohta Hirano
NANA 1st Illustrations by Ai Yazawa

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