Friday’s Page 69 ~ Still Life

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Still Life

The evening was already dark, turning the glass into a blurry mirror. Olive could see herself and her parents reflected there, settled in their seats around the glowing lamps. On the other side of the window, above the backyard, a quick, dark shape glided through the trees -an owl or another night bird. Its blackness glided through the Dunwoodys’ reflection like a shadow beneath a living portrait.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Page 69 ~ Still Life

    1. Thanks, the other covers in this series are really pretty as well.

      Aww, thanks! That is really sweet of you. I am not sure if I have 7 blogs to nominate, but I will have a look around when I have time next week (this weekend is quite busy). Thanks again, so sweet of you.

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