Library Haul 27-6-2015

Library Haul 27-6-2015

Hello everyone!

Normally I don’t do Library Hauls when I get back from Library #1 and #2, generally because it is mostly a haul with Dutch books. But, today, I got quite a haul and I just want to share it with all of you. There are 3 books from Library #1, and 15 books (so max amount) from #2. Out of all those 18 books, only 1 book is English (as I said before, my libraries don’t have a lot of English books).
I can’t wait to start reading these books! Next week will bring a trip to Library #3, so I hope to find some good books from there. And maybe, just maybe, I will make this Library Haul for #1 or #2 a thing. I will have to think of it. 🙂



Suzy D. in de puree by Karen Saunders
De Muffin-Club by Katja Alves
Voetbalgekke Meiden by Barbara Scholten
B-Boy by Mariken Jongman
De Zee Kwam Door be Brievenbus by Selma Noort
Wie ik Ben by Emiel de Wild
Lynn 2.0 by Anke Kranendonk
De Bokkenbrigade by Martine Glaser
The Tapper Twins Go to War by Geoff Rodkey
Mette ♥ NY by Geeri Bakker
Onder Mijn Huid by Marlies Slegers
Duister Carnaval by Michael Reefs
De Legende van de Hemel Rijders by Michael Reefs
Robot op Hol by Marcel van Driel
De Hoofdstraat by Alice Melvin
Oma, mag ik Mijn Pop Terug? by Mark Haayema
Waar is de Olifant? by Barroux
Pierre de Doolhofdetective: Op Zoek Naar de Gestolen Doolhofsteen by Hiro Kamigaki, IC4DESIGN

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