Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.1

Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.1

51RMO-AqfaLI love dancing, and I love reading book about dancing and about dance contests. I haven’t yet found a manga or a book about ballroom dancing, well until today that is. It is a really fun manga, but the art…..

The story is really great, Tatara who is our main character is dragged to a dance studio by someone who totally misunderstood his intentions. Tatara quickly falls in love with dancing, and through the first volume we see him go from stiff and robotic to a guy who is motivated and will dance whenever he wants. And he can dance pretty decent near the end of this volume. Of course, he does need the right partner to be able to dance even better.
Apparently he also has a strange way to learn stuff. It was really interesting to see him being able to imitate and copy people’s moves almost flawlessly. Though I am sure that his ability can grow so that he can copy/imitate things even better and in turn become even better himself with dancing.

Tatara is a truly interesting character, he is (especially at the beginning) pretty weak, he gets all flustered when thinking of girls or getting close to them. Never mind to how he reacts when a girl touches him when they need to dance. He is also super dedicated and I see a bright future for him. If he can go on like this, dedicating his time to dance, to take any chance to dance, for him to see competitions and for him to be able to practice, I am sure he will reach the top really fast.
It was kind of funny to see him go from robotic and stiff, to slowly getting better and better. I had quite a few laughs when he made a stupid move, or tried to be faster and faster and then ended up kicking himself, or hurting his hip or his head and rolling around on the ground and curl up in a ball in the end.
I am curious as to what the cliffhanger at the last page of this volume will entail for Tatara. Will he be able to dance, or will he give in to the pressure and break? It will depend. Tatara is dedicated, but he is also quite a chicken about things. I hope he will make a good decisions and dance till he drops.

Then we have various other fun characters. The teachers, Sengoku (who is a top dancer, but also someone who is quick to bop/hit someone on the head if they do anything funny), Shizuku (the girl that Tatara likes and who is an amazing dancer). I really loved them all (ok, with the exception of the bullies), and I can’t wait to see how they will continue to be in the story and how they will support or help Tatara. Of course for Shizuku I hope she can be happy, that people will stop judging her and that she will become pro.

The art, that is the only thing that I didn’t like. At times the art was absolutely gorgeous and I loved it, but other times it felt like I was in some lame action/comedy manga, and then the dancing happened and people looked like they were in a horror manga. Ugly drawn, exaggerated faces and bodies that defy any anatomy and instead of being amazed with the dances, I was horrified by how ugly and deformed it looked. Really a shame, the biggest and most important part of the manga and it looks like people were thrown in a blender. :\
It is a shame. I wish the artist had picked one art style and kept to it. My preference would be the pretty art that we see when we have close-ups.

Would I recommend this manga? If you like dancing, if you like a good story with a great protagonist, then this might be a manga you will enjoy. 🙂 And me? I will be sure to read the rest of this manga and I will continue to cheer for Tatara.


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