Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.3

Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.3

9784063713541The last volume for me that I could find, I can only hope that I will be able to find the other volumes one day. As this one ended pretty awesome and I want to know what happened.

This whole volume focusses on the Tenpei competition, and also mostly on Tatara’s and Gaju’s little bet/competition. It was highly interesting and I just flew through this volume. I really loved to see Tatara and Mako dance, they make such a cute couple, though Tatara still has to learn a lot. Not only dancing, not only positions, but also to be a leader, to make it through the competition without losing balance, to make it through competitions in one go without pain, feeling tired or looking worn-out. He still has a long way to go, but he is doing fine so far. He is amazing with a lot of things, he takes care of his partner and truly does his best.

Of course Tatara also learns that his shadow stuff might not be so kind as he thought. And of course I saw it coming. Shadow stuff is fun, but using it in competitions might be a bit overkill. You are stealing someone else’s moves and to use that in a competition? Not really the best way to get people to like you. Most of these judges and people in the competition know the couples and their moves, so if a total newbie suddenly dancing like he one of those top guys.. yeah. Poor Tatara though, he felt so bad throughout the volume. 🙁

Mako was a real surprise in this. I thought she was really timid and shy, but she truly showed her colours in this one. She is a wonderful dancer and she can still grow. We also find out why she can’t dance with Gaju, and I can say that it is also expected that this was the problem. Mako and Tatara make a perfect couple and I think she and Tatara can become a couple to watch out for.
By the way, I just loved what she did when Gaju called her a kid. I just laughed out loud, especially during a later scene. 🙂 That girl is great.

Gaju, bleh I hate guys like that. His attitude is horrendous, he is a dick and I hate how he dismisses and disses people. He should really work on his attitude. Nice dancing, but attitude also counts.

Shizuku, I don’t like her that much any more. I don’t like how high and mighty she acts all the time. Acting like she is so much better. And sure, she is good, but that doesn’t mean she has to act like royalty all the time. I truly hope she will learn a lesson soon, or that someone kicks her off that high throne of hers.

It was really interesting to see how the competition worked, how it was judged and we also got a peek at how the judges thought. I didn’t expect to Hyoudou’s mom at the competition, nor did I expect Hyoudou himself.

I won’t talk about the art, I have spend 2 other reviews about it, and I think I made my point. 🙂


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  1. May I know what language are the volumes you bought in? I am trying to find English ones but not having any luck.

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