Review for Code Red Lipstick

Review for Code Red Lipstick

21385579Spies + modelling = 2 things combined that I loved. I adore spy books, I love books about modelling and this one combines the two in a perfect harmony.

Jessica is a great character, though at times I was shaking my head at her. She jumps to conclusions instantly, never caring to check if they are true or not, and even when people talk to her about them, or try to tell her otherwise, she is stubborn and keeps to her views. It was at times frustrating, especially as it caused her harm and brought her in danger.
But Jessica is also a great girl, strong, determined and fun. Though I have to say, when I read she was 14-years old, I didn’t believe it at all. This girl doesn’t act like that, if I would have to pin a year to her it would be 16. She too mature and acts way to different from what a 14-year old would do.
I loved her wits, I loved how she can spin a story and get her way. She is also awesome in modelling, though I wonder if she truly likes it or just does it for the money. Mostly I can see that she really likes it, but at times she doesn’t treat it as something that is fun, something that not everyone gets a chance to do.
And she is a terrific spy, but that is logical after we find out certain things about her family. 🙂 Of course, I won’t say what, you will just have to read the book to find out!

Her best friend, though we didn’t see her that much, was a fun character and she seems the kind of girl who will do anything for her friends, not even looking strange when stuff happens that normally doesn’t happen in life.

Jamie, I do hope we will see more of him in the later books.

The story is fantastic, it takes place in the UK, but also in France. It was great fun to see her run through both countries, trying to solve a mystery, trying to find her dad. Her adventures in Paris were fantastically fun, and I had fun running and walking along with her, hunting for clues, finding what she needs to find.
There is a lot of excitement, because of course spying isn’t without danger, add to that that our main girl has a few people stalking her, a chaperone and also some baddies following her. The book starts off with excitement, but that excitement grows bigger when Jessica finds out stuff about her dad, about her family, about the people who are supposed to protect her. There are murder attempts, there is a whole lot of spying and trying to be unseen by those that wander around.

I loved all the gadgets and what they could do. Man, I wish I had some of those things, it would be amazing.

The ending was a blast, so much is happening there and it was just amazing, I was sad to see the book end, luckily it brought a nice twist (though, I have to admit a lot of stuff did point to that person) and I can’t wait for the second book to arrive at my home (I bought it immediately when I was halfway through this book).

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would. If you like spying, or if you like modelling, or if you even like both, I would recommend it!


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