Review for Darkmouth

Review for Darkmouth

24244681Wow, this was a hilarious, great book, though there were a few things that I didn’t particularly like.

While I did like our main character, at times I wondered how he could still be so weak, so afraid, so stupid. He has been trained since birth, he has seen all kinds of stuff, he has all kinds of things ready for him, yet he can’t do anything without the help of others. And while I do like a character that isn’t instantly strong, I would have liked to see some growth in our main character. He does seem to get smarter about stuff, but still, his strength, the things he is supposed to do? Only a little bit, other than that he still needs the help of people. And truly, it is a shame.
But, he is also a good character, he is pretty smart, and he does do his best to train, he does his best with monsters, but the fact is that he just doesn’t want this, he wants something different. But yeah, tell that to your dad who is crazily focussed on passing the legacy. The kid doesn’t have an easy life at times.
I loved how dedicated he was though, and how he tried to help out his dad, how he tried to solve the mysteries surrounding him.

Emmie/Emmy, I didn’t trust her from the beginning, she just had that aura over her that screamed: WARNING WARNING! She was an interesting girl, but she was a bit too pushy, a bit too oblivious to some things.
Later when we find out a bit more about her and her family I started to slowly like her and started trusting her a bit more. Take note of that ‘bit more’-part. I still didn’t trust her entirely.
But she did give the book some extra dimension and some extra fun. And in the end she was a pretty trusty/dependable character.

I didn’t like the villagers at all, they all seemed ungrateful and hateful. I can imagine it is no fun when monsters invade your town, and when stuff goes bad. Especially when the new Legend Hunter will be a boy who is a total wreck at the job, but still, I found it disgusting with what they did in the end.
The boy and his father (especially the father) did their best to get rid of the monsters, they tried their best to fix stuff, and yes stuff did go wrong, but you could have known that if you are going to live in such a village.

The story itself is really fun and I love the idea of villages in which monsters or Legends (but I will call them monsters) exists, monsters that pop up and that there are Legend Hunters hunting these monsters. All but the village of our main character is free of it, and so this book also explores the why is Darkmouth still bothered by the monsters? Why only this town? Is it due to something special? Is there something wrong?
I also liked that the weather acted up when there was a monster popping up. Really interesting and it gave something extra to the story, I am still curious as to why it happened (maybe it was explained, but at times I just lose myself too much in the story and I miss explanations).

The ending was interesting. Though the twist about a certain character was a bit predictable, still it was nice that it was added, it made the story even more exciting and I just wanted to see what would happen if people discovered and found out about it.

All in all, this is a book that will grab you and hold you tight. I do hope that our main character will get a bit more development (especially in the strong and brave part) in the next books.

I would really recommend this book. It has monsters, battles, twists and turns, and a lot of humour and fun.


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