Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.9

Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.9

9784040672656I am so delighted that there is a new volume of this series.

This is really shaping up to be my favourite series, though I am still hoping that an English publisher will release it in English so I can add them to my manga collection.

Once again the manga is filled with hilarious situations, porn and ecchi jokes (they do work with porn after all), but we also get some progress with Rotten Girl and Sommelier. I still think it is a bit creepy, considering how Rotten Girl looks like an elementary school girl and Sommelier looks like an older man, but hey, I am so delighted that they finally took a step towards something more. Sadly it is barely mentioned which dampened my feelings considerately. When the announcement was made in the manga I was squealing, but then not much happened with it. I do hope that the next volume(s) will mention it more.

It was also hilarious to see the girls go through life when they barely didn’t have money and were waiting for the next paycheck. Of course Rotten Girl is the only one who had zero problems, she lives with her parents still, but the other 3 had to be really creative, and it was funny to see what ending they reached. And then when they got their paycheck, they immediately bought everything they could, not caring that they also should get food and such. 😀

I also loved the Sommelier underground con and what it did to the characters (be them male or female).

Of course we also have a return visit from the very angry Porn-agent who is checking that everything is ok. It was really interesting to find out what happened to her that made her so stressed and so extreme about everything.

The art is still great and I truly love how the characters are drawn.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next volume (I believe sometime in August/September), this series is just fantastic and it takes ages for things to come out! I want more Denki-gai! \o/


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