Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.21

Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.21

23492407Another gorgeous book in this wonderful series.

However, there are still things I don’t entirely like. For instance that the focus is still on our 3 girls (Sawako, Ayane, Chizuru) and their (love) lives. I feel that our original girl Sawako doesn’t get enough focus. And at times I am still with my heart with Sawako and Kazehaya and then we would switch to another couple immediately. 🙁 I can imagine why the mangaka did it like this, after all the girls all deserve a spotlight, but I feel like Sawako is slowly fading to the background. And she is the reason why I started this series. She is still awkward, still a bit weird, but she is also cute and is really doing her best. And I just love seeing her and Kazehaya together, they make a wonderful couple, though I really am hoping for some more hugs and kisses, as it often feels that they haven’t been together for a long time, but actually just started dating. Of course, they do kiss (rare) or hold hands (rare), but I want more romance.

I am also not all to happy with the other girls. We can clearly see that Ayane doesn’t like Kento, not in the way he does with her. She is way into Pin, and we can clearly see that. I loved Ayane, but now I am starting to dislike her for not being honest, for stringing along Kento (as I feel this is what she is doing, going for the easy road), and for pining for Pine like crazy. If you don’t like that guy, tell him no. Kento is making all kinds of big plans (a very big one and confession in this one), and in the meantime Ayane is making plans for other (further away) colleges). It just disgust me and I want to shake her around.

Then we have Chizuru. Even Sawako and Kazehaya are getting further and they are pretty awkward. In the meantime Chizuru and Ryu are just super awkward and it just annoys me. They clearly like each other, they clearly want to be together, and yet both of them are too stupid to do anything. sighsIt is just so frustrating, this has been going on for a long time, and I wish something, anything, would just happen.

This volume also marks a new time period for our characters. They are starting with their 3rd and final year of high school. Quite a lot of the book is about this topic. Studying, counselling, cram schools, heavy decisions between all the couples. Will they stay together? Or will they try for something further away? Also between the girls, will they stay friends? Will they fall apart? I am really excited to see this new period start, though I am also worried it will mean the manga is going to be over soon. Or will the author continue with college period? I would love that, but I am not sure if it would fit the manga.

The art is still gorgeous and I really love it. It keeps getting better and better, especially in regards to how Sawako is drawn.

All in all, this was an exciting, and at times frustrating, volume. I can’t wait for the next volume of this series to come out. Just a few more months to go!


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    1. I would highly recommend this manga, it is really beautiful and amazing. You will love all the characters (though maybe not Kurumi at the beginning).

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