Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates a Kitty Calamity

Review for Mariella Mystery Investigates a Kitty Calamity

23370782It took my Amazon some time before they had this one in stock, but they finally had it and I finally have it in my possession. And my oh my, this was just another great book in this wonderful series.

This time kittens and cats disappear! Without a clue, cats just seem to disappear, often in the middle of the night, who has done it? Is it the vet? Is it someone from a cat food factory? Or is it a cat hater and are the cats in danger? Mariella has another tough case to crack, but with the help of her friends she is doing a great job.

I really had a lot of fun trying to figure out what happened. And when the actual what happened came out, I was surprised, I didn’t expect it, not at all. Maybe there have been enough hints, maybe I just missed something, but I truly thought it was one, while it was actually two. Still, I was delighted by this conclusion, it is more creative than what I had expected.
I loved how Mariella, but also the other girls, deduced the locations, deduced and created so called hot spots where a lot of cats had disappeared from. Mariella is truly a great detective, and I totally agree with her on her brother.

Because the brother is the only thing in the entire book that I truly dislike. He is annoying, doesn’t get a hint, and just doesn’t seem to shove off and go away. I know, he is a tiny little kid, but sorry, that is no excuse. It doesn’t help that the mother apparently thinks it is a brilliant idea for her kids to bond. Sometimes that won’t work mom. Sometimes kids just don’t want to bond with their siblings.

I had a laugh about that toothpaste, while I wouldn’t mind a bit of foam, this is a bit too much. Poor girl, spitting out foam for some time. Maybe it would be good for kids to prank each other, or to make some epic toothpaste bath.

The inventions that the girls made were great, I am sure cats will love using them. And it also shows that not only are the girls awesome in detective work, they also can create some great new inventions. I love my girls smart and inventive.

Of course, like the other books, the book is filled with illustrations (fantastic and fun illustrations), with pages from the spy guide and with much much more, it really brings the story to life. I also love how the book seems more like a notebook/binder due to the border in the middle of 2 pages which looks like a binder/notebook. It just gives the book an extra awesomeness factor, like Mariella really wrote this all down for us to read about it.

I also loved the title of the book, and the various kitty puns that littered the book.

All in all, this was a terrific book and I truly can’t wait for the next book to come out, I hope that we will have many more Mariella Mystery books, I don’t want to say goodbye to this series just yet. I hope it will continue for a long time.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone looking for a fun and good MG mystery book.


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