Review for NANA 1st Illustrations

Review for NANA 1st Illustrations

1788472I found this beautiful art book at Animecon 2015, and I am delighted that I found it. I really love the NANA series (anime/manga) and I am still hoping that Ai Yazawa will continue with the series one day again.

The book shows all the characters we know from the series. Starting with Black Stones and ending with both of the Nana’s together. It was beautiful to see all the characters again, though some of the images broke my heart, knowing what happened in the manga, they are so wonderful together and I am still hurt that the mangaka did that to them. 🙁
I loved seeing the bands again, the couples were cute, it was hilarious though how for Nana or as they also call her, Hachi, they had a whole slew of guys, while the other Nana only had Ren.

The illustrations are either a 2 pages spread or various smaller ones on 2 pages. All of them are in colour and the artstyle switches quite a lot, but it is still all Yazawa’s artstyle. And artstyle that I loved when I started reading Paradise Kiss, and a love that never left me. Some artists just have a certain style that makes you want to see more of it.
I found quite a few favourites in this art book, so I will be sure to check it out more often, until we at least get new Nana or a new series by the mangaka.

The art book is also easily accessible, sometimes art books have written text, but this one is 99% pictures, with only near the back where all the pictures are listed in tiny print you will find a Japanese explanation for the images. The message by the artist is found in English and Japanese, so you can easily read that one.

The art book comes in a pretty cardboard slipcase, so your book will be protected. I also love the text on it, not only does it give protection it looks really pretty!

All in all, this is one art book I would highly recommend. Are you a fan of NANA? Then this is the perfect art book for you!


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    1. Hello Angelina, thanks so much for nominating me, I am delighted to hear that you like my blog.

      I checked out your blog, I am not sure if I can find 15 blogs (I only know 5 or so), but I will try it out when I have time. 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. Yep, I was a bit worried, of course I flipped through it, but just briefly to check if it was clean/how it looked. Some art books have quite a bit of Japanese in them and while I will still get them, it is a shame when one can’t read what is written.

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