Review for Origami Anywhere: Why Throw It Out When You Can Fold It Up?

Review for Origami Anywhere: Why Throw It Out When You Can Fold It Up?

23672533I received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I just had to try out this book. I love origami, as does my boyfriend. And I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to help me test out this book. But before we get to the whole: Does it all work? Do the instructions really match? I will first tell some basic stuff.

The book starts off with a fun introduction that is sure to lure in some people, after that we get the basic stuff that you can find in all Origami books (well, they should have it). Basically what you will read about in the first few pages is how certain folds work, what certain symbols will mean when you see them on the instructions. For us it is just a warm-up, we already know those symbols, but we still read it through, to make sure that what we have learned from other books is still correct with this one.

The book is all about recycling, finding stuff around your house to fold and use for this origami book. Not everything that is mentioned in the book is an article that I can find in my house. For instance those metro/tram tickets, we just don’t have them (we have one hard-plastic pass named OV-Chipkaart for our public transport), so we are going to try that figure with another kind of paper. So far quite a few of these we used normal origami papers, so we could at least try to make the shapes.

Now we get to the various shapes and stuff. We haven’t tried out everything (there is just too much), but we picked out various shapes and tried them out. My boyfriend had quite a lot of fun folding stuff, and I mostly watched, or helped him out, or asked him what he thought about the pattern/if it worked out/was it difficult/etc.
For instance the newspaper slipper? Well… apparently our newspapers are just a bit thicker, so that slipper thing? While it was nice, it wasn’t easy to make and it didn’t really look like it was meant to be a slipper.
Or the bellflower shape, it was a bit tiny. We even thought it might not work at first, but it worked out in the end, and my oh my, it looked super adorable! I am almost thinking of making something fun with a ton of these tiny little flowers.
We really had fun trying out the shapes and we had a great evening filled with folding papers. We tried the easy ones, harder ones, medium ones, just to see if they were doable, if they were fun.

All in all, this was a great and fun book, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Be warned, your evening will just fly away when you start with this book!

Here are some photographs of a few of the things we made (I censored the newspaper, I don’t want people to know what town/province I live in).


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