Review for Panic x Panic Vol.2

Review for Panic x Panic Vol.2

7768850I finally found the second volume at Animecon, I was already worried I wouldn’t find it since it is OOP (Out of Print).

This volume wraps up the story, at times I was a bit worried with how it would end, could they finish it correctly in just one volume? And now after reading, what did I think? Well, while I found it a bit too fast-paced, too quickly solved, it was also good that it was done like this. I don’t think it would have been better if they had stretched it out. Still, it is a shame. They discover a new power and the book is over. Yay, new power, kind of useless no?

The book is mostly about Kakeru and Mitsuki getting closer and closer, they are finally dating and that made me very happy. They also find out about their past and why they are always bickering. It was really nice that this was added, and it also explained a whole lot. Still with that knowledge they tend to bicker. I would think that finding out about it they would be a bit more friendlier towards each other.
One thing I was actually hoping for was a kiss, a real kiss, a romantic kiss. Now it just feels kind of empty.

Mitsuki is an interesting character, and I really loved her in this volume. I could see her struggle to find out her feelings, it was adorable seeing her rush around dressing up for Kakeru, and even when things went wrong she still stayed strong (though of course she worried and panicked a bit). I loved her dedication to Kakeru and how she does anything to help him out.

Kakeru, I wish he would be a bit more nicer towards Mitsuki. At times he is really mean, though I am sure it is because he is afraid to show his true feelings. I didn’t really get how he could be so stupid to fall for some demon’s tricks. With all the stuff he and Mitsuki did I would say that he would recognize a demon when he sees one. Seems that is wrong.

The ending was really fun and while it felt a bit too soon, I am still happy with it.

I absolutely love the art, especially the eyes are gorgeous. Though I have one problem, the characters are supposedly 12 years old, but they look much older, more like 14 or 15. Also giving the romance, I wouldn’t see them as 12 years old.

There is also a very adorable bonus story included in this manga. It was really adorable and I loved Shina. I also hope she and Yuu can be together some more, they do make a perfect couple. 🙂

All in all, I would recommend this series to everyone. The first one is pretty decent, but this volume is truly great.


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