Review for Proof of Forever

Review for Proof of Forever

18520642Note: I could go on longer and longer with this review, but I will just keep it as it is now. There are quite a few things that are surprises, or things that happened that might be a spoiler. And I want people to enjoy this book, not knowing what will go on.

I always have a soft spot for books about camps, they do seem like a good deal of fun. Lakes, swimming, cabins, games, talent shows, too bad about the food though, but oh well, making friends and meeting each other each year, and much much more. But what if you add time travel to the equation? What if you add: ‘You get a second chance’ to the mix? Well then you get this book.

We have 4 characters, each with their secrets, their goals and their feelings. These girls had been best friends, until 2 years ago when stuff happened and the girls quickly lost sight of each other.
With each page and each time a character gets their say we find out slowly what is going on with them, and why they are doing what they are doing. It was really interesting to find out what truly happened between the group of close friends. What made them break up? Did they just drift apart or is it something different? What is Joy hiding and why did she break off all communication 2 years ago?

I did like the fact that when they time travelled, the only thing that changed was how they looked, they reverted back to 15-year old. Which brought on some hilarious situations, one lost her boobs, the other regained her long hair, and a few other things.

I did like how they tried to keep things the same, but I was more delighted when I found out that they also didn’t want to keep everything the same, that they were trying to change stuff, that they were seeing this as a second chance to do things differently. They also learned several things while being in there, things that they didn’t see when they were 15, but can now see with all that they know now. But, there were also revelations. Things that they didn’t know back then, things that festered and that slowly boiled until it was revealed.

Since this might be a bit spoilerish, I will hide it behind spoiler tags. I know, I said I would keep it spoiler free, but I just have to mention it. There was also the cliché stuff of finding that special someone to care for, or finding out more about the person you found special. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for finding your one true love, but it was just a bit cliché with how it happened in this book and how it seemed to happen to each and every character. I can find it interesting when it happens to one or two characters, but all of them?

I didn’t entirely like that it seemed like all these girls were doing at the camp was flirting and trying to get into the pants of boys. At times it distracting quite a bit. I was like: “Hey you guys, you have to get back to the future, no time to screw around.” I knew they were trying their best, but at times it just felt like they weren’t. Like they suddenly discovered that hot boys were more important. And yes, I still liked the romance, but I just didn’t expect it to be this much.

I can also say that I was a tiny bit disappointed that they tried to go back. I know, they had to get back, but I just felt sad. Sure, not everything went ok in this world, but for most of the book I felt like the girls changed (often for the better), and that they should take this chance to change more.

Ah yes, the drama was at times just too much, it was just silly how these girls don’t care to listen to each other, don’t care to just for once shut up, open up and let the other party tell you what happened.

What happened near the end (not the actual ending yet) was nice, but it was also a small reason for me to drop the rating a bit. I don’t know exactly what I had hoped, but it wasn’t really this. That I know for sure. It doesn’t match with most Time Travel books I know. Now it all seemed like this wasn’t that, but instead something totally different. And that is all I can and will say. You will have to read the book to find out what happens. 🙂

The ending was terribly sad, and I will warn you, you will probably cry your eyes out. I had my suspicions, but I was hoping it was just a lie. Sadly, it turned out it wasn’t. Dear Lord, that ending it just broke my heart. 🙁

All in all, this book was really great and I truly enjoyed myself even though there were some parts that were just overdramatic and cliché. If you are looking for a good summer camp story with an extra bonus of Time Travel, then I would recommend this book.


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