Review for The High Street

Review for The High Street

91KJmBIAYOLNote: I read this book in Dutch, so I will use the names as they were used in there. 🙂

I saw this book some months ago in the book store and I was really interested in it, and finally my library had it in their collection.

This book is really adorable, it is about a girl named Sanne who is going shopping and has a list of 10 things that she wants to find. We join her on her shopping trip, and we see what she buys and if she finds everything.

The book was fun, most of it was in rhyme and I really loved it, it just gave the book that extra oomph. I loved that you could open the flaps and open up a whole new 2 pages with the inside of the shop and a little part with what Sanne was buying.

Sadly that was also the one thing I didn’t like. It was repetitive, each store had the same rhyme/same list, just with one sentence standing out because she was buying that item. It got a bit boring, and I mostly skimmed through it, and just went on looking at the stores. Because some of them had gorgeous details and little things that just made it fun. Trying to find Sanne’s items was also fun.

The last pages were really great and it was quite a nice surprise. I won’t say what it is, be surprised yourself, but I can say that I was delighted. Just one last thing, poor Sanne.

The illustrations are gorgeous, it is beautiful to see the store from the outside on one part of the flap and as you open it the store opens and you can look inside. See people make chocolates, see people play instruments, see people climb ladders, it was really great fun and I enjoyed it. I could look at these illustrations for a long time. 🙂 So many tiny details, so gorgeous!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. I am sure everyone will love it. Kids will love to open up the flaps and see the stores from the inside, see what Sanne is buying.


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    1. Same here, I don’t like repetitive stuff, but if something else is good (illustrations/characters/etc.) then I will just continue, often it does tend to still be great. 🙂

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