Review for The Probability of Miracles

Review for The Probability of Miracles

10710505snifflesSorry guys, this book just threw me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Cam, Cam, a most terrific character, though at times she was a bit too critical and at times she was a bit too judgy about things, and I didn’t like it. At times I wanted to tell the girl that things didn’t go like that and that she should shut up her trap about things she probably has no knowledge about. But I can also imagine why she was so critical of a lot of things, why she didn’t believe in miracles, why she didn’t want to believe. She has cancer, she is dying and she has been sick for 7 years now, and I can imagine that one will not have any hope or any believe at that point. It was so painful how her mom and her sister wouldn’t get that, would want her to keep believing, would point her to things that were pretty miraculous. I just wanted them to understand, I just wanted them to not act so angry when Cam dismissed things. Maybe they were in denial, but it hurt me, that they wouldn’t understand that after 7 years and hearing you will die, that you kind of give up on things. Or at least Cam did, I am sure there are people who will keep fighting until the very end.
But mostly she was a character that I loved and that I wanted to get to know more. She is funny, she is a great friend (more on that later) and she is very intelligent. As the book progressed, I could see why Harvard would want her. Not because of her sad story about her suckish life, but for her intelligence and for her wits.
It was really wonderful to see Cam go from sick and looking totally like death to someone who is more alive, who has joy and happiness, who is trying to make friends and goes to do all kinds of fun things. Though I guess, looking back at it all, we could have kind of predicted how the book would end. I won’t spoil anything of course. People will have to find out what happens to Cam. And yes, the book broke my heart but I am known to cry for happy endings and for sad endings, for saying that both break my heart.

I loved Asher, his sneaking up and surprising Cam reminds me of my own boyfriend, who is also skilled with walking around silently and suddenly standing behind me and startling me. 🙂
I loved how he was with Cam, he was so sweet to her, even when she was so angry or so distrustful at times. They really grew together, and that is all I will say about it. Going further would spoil things.
I can also imagine why he never left the town, though I hope with the ending, that he will be able to travel more. Seeing the world that is out there.

I loved the town of Promise and how you can get there, it sounds like a truly amazing place, filled with stuff happening that are probably miracles, and otherwise pretty great magic tricks. I would love to live in such a calm, easy town where anything can happen.

While the book has some pretty light-hearted stuff, be warned, it is still about cancer, about an illness eating someone from the inside out. Cam will have seizures, she will feel crap, she will have various things that won’t go right. Cam will wonder about death, about how people will feel afterwards. She will talk about silly bucket lists, she will take risks and several other things. At times you will forget about the cancer, you will laugh with Cam, will smile when she does something silly again (like kidnapping a donkey, or rescuing a lobster). You will laugh about what she calls the U-haul in which she and her mother and sister travel in.
But at other times you will get kicked in the gut again, you will feel your heart shatter when you see what happens to Cam.

Cam also has a wonderful family. I didn’t always like Perry, I found her annoying and frustrating, at times highly mean and stupid, but at times I saw a different and kinder Perry. A Perry I had hoped to see more of.
Her mom was amazing, trying her hardest to find a miracle to save her daughter from the cancer. To find some light in the darkness.

So be warned, this book will make you cry, it will make you angry, it will frustrate you, it will make you laugh. You are truly in for a ride of your life. Bring some tissues, some chocolate or other comfort food, you will need it. I would highly, really highly, recommend this book to everyone. Read this amazing book.


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