Review for The Revenge Playbook

Review for The Revenge Playbook

23287156Note: This is a review for the ARC.

Liv, Melanie Jane, Ana and Peyton, 4 girls, and they couldn’t be different. But they are united for one goal. Get revenge on/kick the football team’s ass. It is something that is shown often in books, football (or any other sport) getting preference in school, allowed to do anything without any consequences. It is still something I cannot wrap my head around. Maybe because I am from Europe/the Netherlands. We don’t have all these things in this book. I think that is also what pulls me in. Just like stories about prom, I am interested in those as we don’t have them (unless they are now in schools here (been a while since I last was in a school), but I don’t really see it happening).

Our 4 girls decide to take revenge by participating in a scavenger hunt. The boys are also doing this and they have no clue the girls are doing it. The girls wiggled their way in and got the list with all the things and instructions they need to do. Some of the things on the list were rude and mean, and I disliked the guy who made the list. I won’t spoil anything on whether the girls made it or not, you will have to read the book.

I was horrified by the backlash that happened near the end of the book. Luckily, the girls don’t give up and they have a plan. They will tell their story,  they will show the proof they collected against the football team (and my, oh my, there is a lot).

Because yes, the football club is bad, it is something we notice quite early in the story. Abuse, rape, beatings, bullying, forcing their members to do stuff, weird rituals and several other things. It is all kind of sick and I don’t really get why anyone would want to be part of that. I guess something to do with status and the fact they are apparently dying to play ball regardless of whatever happens to them or the ones they love.

Next to the whole Football team needs to be kicked by a notch, we also have another plotline. Namely the relationship between Melanie Jane and Ana. They were best friends but then something happened. And I will post this in the spoiler field as it is a big one.
Ana was almost raped by one of the biggest guys in the football team. He had her drugged with date-rape drugs. Her best friend walked in on the gory scene and probably thanks to that prevented that Ana was raped. However. Ana doesn’t know all this as she was too far gone by that time. So all this time she has been under the impression that she was probably raped, she was uncertain about her virginity (is it still there or not?). She did talk to someone, but due to the high status of Chad (the rapist) they advised her to think it over. After all it might not be true, and how much did Ana remember? Is she sure she wasn’t just drunk? In the end Ana gave up and she also didn’t consult with her friends or family.
Now comes the even more fun part. Melanie Jane was in love with Chad. She didn’t know or see that her friend was drugged. She assumed (yeah, assuming *rolls eyes) that her friend stole Chad from her. And thus they broke apart.

The book is told from the 4 girls, each one gets her spotlight. They all have their little or big problems. Next to this we have the whole scavenging hunt and also we go back to the past and back again to the future. At times this confused me, at other times it made the book more fun.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a bit gruesome and at times horrific, but it was also a tale of 4 wonderful girls trying to fight to get something wrong beaten and destroyed. I would really recommend this book to everyone. You should read this book!


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    1. Yeah, I haven’t seen much about it either, it amazes me, as this book is really awesome.(Normally books do get hyped on Twitter or other sites, but so far it is been pretty quiet.) I would recommend it.

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