Review for Under The Lights

Review for Under The Lights

22719283I received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this was a disappointment. What I had expected: Vanessa x Josh, a whole lot of that. Instead Vanessa has someone else, someone I never expected her to like, and as soon as that plot became more and more focussed on that, the more bored I became and I just wanted to stop reading. I don’t mind this kind of plot, but I just think it was too far fetched and also felt like it was added for the need for it instead of actually wanting one. Maybe the author really wanted to add it, I don’t know, but it just didn’t feel like it fitted, not with how she acted in the previous book. I know I sound bitter, but I am just getting tired of books/authors doing this, it is not the first time I read a book about a non-white person who also, coincidentally, is either gay, has some magical disease, has some magical skill or something else. Diversity is fun and all, but come on, make it seem natural. Don’t add stuff for the sake of adding things.

Just to clarify (since I noticed people were having trouble with it). I am commenting on how diversity is done in books these days, I am not commenting on coloured people not being able to be gay or that it is weird for them to be gay. Nor am I commenting on the fact that they can’t do or be anything. I am just talking about DIVERSITY in books and HOW it is handled. It is just that it often feels like it is just added for the sake of it, and not because they want to. I am totally ok with people being any colour, or LGBT or whatever else. I have enough friends of colour, or who are gay and I love them all the same. I just wish that diverse books were done better, that it felt more real, now it often feels fake and out of place, and that is a shame. Maybe in a few years, when diversity has been around a bit longer in books, that books will feel more real when they have coloured people who are gay, or having something else going on in their lives. I am truly hoping for that to happen. Thanks, I hope that this solves and maybe lessens some peoples anger towards me.

On to the characters. I can say that Vanessa was a disappointment. I loved her in the previous book and I was so excited to see her in this one, but that quickly spiralled as I got tired of her insecurity and her attitude. Add to that what happens between her and a certain character and I was just bored out of my mind for most of the Vanessa POV.
The fact that she was that, I didn’t mind it at all, I am totally okay with people being LGBT, like I said, but I just felt it was odd and it didn’t match with the Vanessa I know from the first book. Also all that drama between her and that person. God, seriously, just kiss already and just be with each other. rolls eyes

Josh was an interesting character, though I got slightly tired of his sexual stories, how this and that girl gave him head, or how he did that and that with those people. It was just disgusting, and while it fitted the Josh persona, I think it would have been better had it been a bit less. Also his drugs and alcohol use was just overkill and I wonder how he is still alive and in one piece. But out of the two of them, Josh had the most interesting POV. Wow, his mom is a total bitch. Acting like that and forcing your son to do all that. :\

The story, well what story, it is now just 2 characters with 2 different stories and problems. They help each other, but well not that much and stuff collide together, but that is it.

I really miss Ally and Liam. They just got completely kicked out of the story. We only see Liam a few times, and Ally, well is practically not in the story with the exception of a few parts. Which is a terrible shame, I was hoping that we would still get to see Ally or more of them together, but no. And yes, I know they have their lives and Ally is kilometres away, but at least we could have had a cameo or more Ally stuff.

All in all, I am really disappointed in this book. It took me 4 days(!!!) to get through this book. 4 days of wishing it would get better, and finding out, it never is getting better.


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