Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.2

Review for Ballroom e Youkoso Vol.2

978-4063713398The second volume, and Tatara is getting better and learning more. I really liked this volume, though again, the art is not really that good.

The manga starts off at the place we left in the last volume. Tatara has to take over for Hyoudou who is hurt. Of course this brilliant plan comes from Sengoku-san, who does irrational stuff more often than not. I felt sorry for Tatara, he never danced in front of an audience this big and you could clearly see him being afraid, you could clearly see him trembling. But, I loved that he pulled it off, even if he had to freestyle his way through the dance. I am not sure what to think of his shadow/technique stealing ability. I can imagine that it hurt Hyoudou. Tatara not only steals/takes his partner, but also takes his legwork.
After the competition and what happens there, we lose Hyoudou because of his injury (and due to disqualification) and we get 1 new character. Gaju, who is enormous prick.

Tatara learns to dance with a partner, and it was really great to see him try to dance, at times doing pretty awesome, but at times failing hard. Mostly because he has no clue how to handle other dancers.

It was really interesting to see how Tatara grew, and how he learned. I also loved how he was with Mako-chan. They really make quite a pair, they really match together, and I hope that they can stick together for a bit longer. While of course I hope that Tatara will be with Shizuku in the end, for now this is good enough. I loved the last part where she called him and talked with him. I was kind of surprised by his explanation on why he feels so strongly against switching partners this casually, I didn’t know it was this deep of a feeling. I thought he just felt it was bad for some silly Tatara reason or something like justice. But instead it ran really deep and had to do with his personal situation at home.

I hate Gaju, he is a horribly self-taken guy who will do anything, even if it means hurting his little sister. I found it disgusting that he would just switch like that, that he has no care or apparent feelings for his sister. I can imagine he is pissed at their loss, but to do this? Bleh.
I also don’t like how he is towards Tatara, at times he was pretty horrible, at other times he acted like a friend.
His fantasies about Shizuku were bleh, and I am worried for the girl. Hopefully she will be fine.

I loved the parts in which they talked about dancing and the instructions they gave, it was quite educational and it is another reason why I am reading this book and will continue reading this series.

The art was just like the previous time. Pretty at some parts, horrific and wtf happened? at other times. Especially the dancing part, it looked more like a scene from some kind of horror/gore manga than a manga about dancing and learning to dance.

All in all, it was a good volume with quite a bit of drama, with switching partners and much more. I will be sure to check out the next volume, see how it will go with Tatara and Mako.


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