What I Hope To Read July 2015

What I Hope To Read July 2015

Hiya everyone!

Is everyone having a good summer (or winter, depending on where you live)? I am having a pretty decent summer, though the weather is still not out on deciding whether to make it warm or cold. 🙂
This month I got quite a few books I am really looking forward to, books that I hope to read. But it seems July is a calm month in comparison to the other months.

Hopefully I will be able to read these and other books while sitting on my balcony and soaking up some sunny rays.





2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read July 2015

    1. I hope these 4 (since those 2 are 2-in-1 books) will be just as great as the others. I would recommend the series, though be warned, there still will be a lot of these 2-in-1 books as the original series had 28 books. 🙂

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