DNF Review for Into a Million Pieces

DNF Review for Into a Million Pieces

23158400I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Since I have to be honest, I forced myself to read as far as 51% of the book before I just couldn’t handle it. The characters, the magical relationships, the stereotypes and so much more. I will try to discuss them all in my review. So here goes.

Let me start with that I really was looking forward to the book, it sounded like a great book, I haven’t seen many YA succubi books, and I was interested to see how it would work out. Sadly, while the succubi part was interesting, and that also kind of held me to the book, the rest just wasn’t good.

For instance, let’s talk about Allison. She is our main lead, a girl who lives with her twin sister and her aunt in a small town. Her sister and she are like day and light. While her sister is all going out with clothes, being popular and having mountains of friends, Allison hides behind dark clothes and make-up. She is bullied because of this (so cliché, but also sadly, is also something that happens in real life), and while she isn’t very happy about this, she also knows the alternative (dress like her sister) would mean she would have to bat off men from her, and she doesn’t want that.
So far, I liked her. I could vaguely understand that attracting men might be nice at first, but after a while it just gets annoying. However, she is a total control freak and acts like some kind of mother to her sister. Of course her sister needs this (more to come on the sister later), but it just frustrated me. It just got annoying. Just leave your sister alone, if she wants to be a total failure in life, then so be it. I know this sounds harsh, but her sister is also not benefited with a sister who stalks her, who gives sermons and preaches all the time. It just gets creepy.
Allison is also enormously whiny. She keeps complaining about everything and anything. She has a relativity good place to live, yet she keeps moping around like life sucks so much. Yes, you are a succubus, yes, you can never have love. Yes, you have no parents. Yes, there is one girl who bullies you, and people give you strange looks (though you seem to be doing fine so far with giving them a piece of mind) And sure, that is a lot of reasons to be unhappy or sad.
But you are healthy, you have a home, you have a sister, family, I know you probably also have friends, you are smart, you have a wonderful library, and you have several other things that are good. It was like nothing could make her happy, like she would rather have the world to go down in flames or something.
I also found the way she got along with Ren a bit too convenient, from the whole I don’t want men and I don’t want them around-attitude, to OMG Ren. Oh no, no we are just friends. rolls eyes
Ah yes, I did like another thing about the girl. Her love for books, even if they are a bit obscure, I still love it when a main character is a bookworm. 🙂

I could say more about Allison, but we got several other things that I want to discuss.

The sister for instance. I am not going to call her names in this review, though I have to say I did so in my head, a lot of times. Because her behaviour, the way she pursues men, the way she apparently doesn’t care about people finding out about her powers, it just screamed all kinds of things to me, none of them good.
That is the problem with the sister, and I found it a bit strange. On the one hand we have a sister who is totally avoiding men, trying to be a good little girl, and on the other hand we have the sister who loves kissing and who would apparently do much much more if she could and if the situation calls for it. Seriously, doing that after he did that to you? Wtf is wrong with you? Are you sick? While Allison came over as smart (note the came over, her brain capacity was doubted by me several times), my image of Jade was that she was an enormous airhead with apparently zero braincells.
She knows the risks, she knows that she shouldn’t, yet she doesn’t care, and then when people think it is suspicious she cracks and starts crying? Um, hello, you are 16/17 I guess, and you should have know this, your mom, your aunt, your sister they have continuously told you what would happen, but of course, you don’t care as long as you get that hot sexy boy in your grabby hands, right? Eh, who cares that guys just mysteriously drop around you. Eh, no problem right? Teeheeheheee fuck no.
Also, hell just burst down and not even a day or so later she goes to suck another guy dry? Um, what is wrong with you. Weren’t you all like sad and destroyed over what happened? Man, girl, you recover fast. Wow.

The aunt. I don’t mind religion, I am Christian myself, but the way the aunt did stuff, just creeped me out a bit too much. She was just way and way too far in the things she did. Didn’t care to even listen to her nieces, didn’t even care to listen to their side, oh no, no. They have a boy over, they must be getting closer and closer to temptation and thus the devil. Also her overly pushy attitude towards the church and getting the girls to go to there just got on my nerves. If people don’t want to go to the church LEAVE IT BE. The only thing you do is make sure they won’t go. You make sure they will just think that religion is crazy. Also her constant OMG church/God saved my life is nice, but it just got a bit too much. I am happy to hear you found God, really, I am, but do you need to mention it in a conversation x number of times? Can’t you see you are making people highly uncomfortable?

Ren. Sorry, creepy stalker much? I will put this under spoiler tags. So all of the sudden he is interested in Allison? All of the sudden he has always been interested in her? Yet, never before has he shown an interest? What? Magical convenience relationship? Insta love? Eww, no thank you. I prefer my romance to be realistic and not as some kind of convenient thing to add. And what was up with his questions. You barely know the girl yet you ask all kinds of questions about her life and her family. That is just awkward. Can’t you just start with hobbies and colours and whatever else easy stuff, and then if you are still together, happy and such, start with the questions that people just don’t answer easily? Also creeeeeepy that he just checked the list of books she wanted to read and even asked his grandma for a book and then suddenly, during the evening, was at her house. Like, um, what? Stalker alert much? Sorry, I just didn’t trust Ren from the start. And even after 50% I just found it a bit too creepy and too convenient that he was so interested in her.

And then the last person I want to discuss. Julie. Say hello to typical Bitchy Popular girl of doom. Yep, she is all you typically see in books. Bitchy, bossy, sexy, insecure, big attitude and more. I was just rolling my eyes at the times that Julie and Allison met.

And then the last thing I want to discuss, and again under spoiler tags. The magicalness of Ren’s and Allison’s relationship. Like I said in my previous part, it was just too convenient. Like, oh we might need a guy later, a guy she can talk to, here is Ren! Of course he is hot and sexy.
And then later, when stuff go down with the sister, she instantly confines in Ren. Wait, what, you barely knew the guy 1 or 2 weeks ago, but suddenly you are all willing to tell him about being a succubus? UMMMMMMMMMMMMM, what? Isn’t this a HUGE HUGE thing, and isn’t kind of bad to just tell people willy-nilly?

All in all, I was really looking forward to this book. 🙁

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