Review for Amelia Bedelia Sets Sail

Review for Amelia Bedelia Sets Sail

23462629An adorable little story which is perfect for this summer time. 🙂

I never heard or read a book about this character, though it seems she has been around for a whole long time. I guess I will blame the fact that we barely have English books here in libraries and not everything gets translated (thankfully, as often Dutch translations change a lot of the fun).

This book was just pure adorableness. It is about a girl named Amelia Bedelia who is going on a vacation trip to her aunt and her cousin. They share a vacation house, and the whole book is about their summer vacation there. We got trips with a boat, we got fishing, swimming, building sandcastles, pirates (yes, really pirates!), eating delicious foods, and lots of fun word puns (which often fall flat because Amelia doesn’t know them yet). You will also learn about boats and a few different fishes.

We also have a bit of a story going on, Jason is going out at night, to do what, you will have to find out. I loved that this was added, it gave a bit more depth, not only to the story, but also to the Jason character.

All the characters were really fun and I don’t have one character that I didn’t like. All of them had fun personalities and something that made them who they are. Amelia is a great main character, enthusiastic, open to trying new stuff, sweet to her parents and family and she loves learning new stuff. It was also great to see her sigh about her dad’s silliness. 🙂

The book is filled with fun illustrations which were just terrific and fun.

You will be sure to laugh about all the things that Amelia does. You will enjoy reading about her vacation, about her parents and aunt, about the great adventures she has.

Ah! There was just one thing that I didn’t particularly like, and which started to annoy me after a while. We get that her name is Amelia Bedelia, can we just skip it and call her Amelia? Do we need to call her Amelia Bedelia did this and that, or Amelia Bedelia’s parents did this and that.

But I would really recommend this book. Are you looking for a fun summer book? Then try this one out.


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