Review for Gin no Saji Vol.1

Review for Gin no Saji Vol.1

11949659I saw this anime back when it aired, and with no news of a third season I decided to read the manga.

And while I did enjoy this volume, it was just too familiar. Most of the things that happened in this manga happened in the anime, and I just have to say that I liked it being animated a bit more. It just brought the atmosphere of the manga to live. Now it felt stagnant and a bit boring. Of course, I am delighted that the anime followed the manga this closely, but it does give a problem if someone wants to read the manga.

This manga tells us about Hachiken, who started at an agricultural school while he doesn’t have any farm experience or anything. Which is cause for several hilarious scenes where Hachiken finds out that going to agricultural school isn’t the easy go lucky thing he thought he could flee to. In the first chapters we can clearly see him thinking that it will be super easy for him. Oh ho ho, he finds out the hard way that this school is practically a camp, more like a hell than heaven. Waking up a 5 am to help out with the chickens, having to join a club (and most of them are sports), and then I am not even talking about the physical test they have to take. He also quickly finds out that just joining a club isn’t going to be easy.
Seeing this volume it also reminds me of what will happen to Hachiken later in the series. You can see the little hints in this one too. Taking on too much tasks, volunteering for a lot of things, studying and doing too much. On the one hand I dread it when it will happen, on the other hand, thanks to that Hachiken learned a valuable lesson.

The manga is also really interesting as it talks about the farming stuff in great detail. Yes, it might get just a bit boring, but luckily most of the time it is done with added comedy and hilarious situations. Like when Hachiken finds out where eggs come from.

It was also interesting to see Hachiken’s reason for going to this school again. I hope it will be elaborated some more in the later volumes, just like it was done in the anime.

There are various side characters which made the book way more awesome and interesting. They each have their traits and personalities and I love how they interact with Hachiken.

I just had a laugh at the last part of this volume. I remember this part from the anime and it was just great to see it back. Especially knowing what Hachiken will be doing. 🙂

The art is so-so. It is decent, but I expected more from the mangaka who also made the gorgeous series Fullmetal Alchemist. I do hope it will improve as the story progresses, because as of now, I am not entirely impressed with it. For some reason the animals look good though, but the humans…. :\


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