Review for Iggy and Me And The Happy Birthday

Review for Iggy and Me And The Happy Birthday

51gHEa7taRL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_I saw this book in the library and decided to check it out. And am I glad I did, because this story was really cute and also very funny. Poor parents.

While the main character is the sister of Iggy, I could say that Iggy is also a main character. All of the book is about her, her antics and the silly stuff a 5-year old would do. (Like pretending to be sick, then worrying her party will be cancelled and she won’t be able to turn 6. Or eating all the muffins/cupcakes.) We see all the Iggy antics from the sister’s POV and I really loved how the sister was so sweet with her sister. At times I was even amazed at her patience. Not many big sisters would be this patient with a little sister.

Instead of being annoyed with Iggy and her behaviour, I only occasionally thought her to be annoying. Luckily, she got some great parents who are quick to let her know when something is not a good thing. Or who tease her when she makes silly comments about things.

As the title also says, the book is about Iggy’s upcoming, and then later, birthday. We see how Iggy gets more and more excited about stuff, how she makes a wishing list (after she found out what she was supposed to do), she makes muffins (with the help of parents), and then the actual birthday.

There are also some illustrations here and there and they really brought the book to life some more.

All in all, I would recommend this book, it is fun, adorable and you will laugh a whole lot.


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