Review for Jem and the Holograms #1 to #4

Review for Jem and the Holograms #1 to #4

25638438I have now read through the 4 chapters/volumes that are out now. This will be a review for these 4 volumes. Let me just start with saying I never heard of Jem and Holograms. I checked out Google to see what it is about, but it just didn’t seem familiar. So I decided to check out this comic and see if it was any good. The cover and the blurb really pulled me in.

We have a big cast of characters, but sadly that doesn’t mean they are all good. Both Jerrica and that lead singer for the Misfits (Pizzaz or something? Sorry, I just dislike her too much to care about her name) are horrible characters. Jerrica because instead of taking lessons, instead of trying to face her fears, she hides behind a hologram/alternate persona. I can understand her doing this for some parts, but after 4 chapters of that crap and I wonder if she is truly serious about the band. Come on girl, just face the music. You want to be a superstar, then step up and learn how to handle your stage fright. I know stage fright is a truly scary beast, but you got friends, family and everyone who is more than willing to help you. IF you want to try, because right now? People are just pissed at you for dissing them. And your alternate persona/hologram? How are you going to explain that to people. It is your voice, your music, you playing, but yet, you are not around. I can only imagine that this will get sticky and very bad, very soon. :\

Then we have that lead girl singer for The Misfits. Dear Lord, she needs an attitude checking and stat. Because, this, this isn’t normal. Getting so full of jealousy that you scream on stage? That you break your expensive guitar? That you shout at your band members for just merely having a coffee with one of the other bands? No. Just no. Her attitude got very annoying and very frustrating very fast. I do hope someone will do something about this girl, because sorry, she is a bitch. Through and through and someone should throw her of her pedestal and show her the world isn’t going to like a bitchy person.

I did like the other girls in the band Jem and the Holograms, though I didn’t particularly care for the other band, well with the exception of the blue-haired girl.

The story is pretty decent, but it gets a bit stagnant and boring, especially since nothing happens with Jerrica’s situation. I also thought the whole hologram stuff happening, was bit too easy a solution and it felt a bit to coincidental. Oh, we have a girl who can’t fucking sing because people, let’s magically have a storm happen, and magically (something that apparently never happened during other storms) have some sort of AI appear that can do magic stuff. Yeah, right. Nope, not believing that one bit.

The art was truly the only thing that kept me going and I loved how the characters were drawn. The colours are really vibrant, and I wish I could have hair like that (seriously, it is typical cartoon hair, or maybe put your head in transparent cement hair).

All in all though, I am not going to read this series any more. Bad characters, stagnant/boring story, unbelievable stuff happening. No thank you.


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