Review for Map to the Stars

Review for Map to the Stars

PrintThis won’t be a long review. For some reason I just can’t seem to put my feelings in words for this book, which sometimes happens for books. However, I still feel like I want to write something, so here goes. 🙂

This book is a great book to read during the summer time. It features Hollywood, hot movie stars, a trip through Europe and quite a bit of romance.

Annie was a pretty great character and I loved how she could just throw out words immediately. Sure, at times I wanted her to calmly think about what she said, but mostly I was cheering for that girl and her way with words. She is also a pretty strong character, though I wish she opened up to Graham a bit more. He tells her quite a bit of things, but she doesn’t share what happened to her dad and all that until much much later in the book. It is a shame, though it is something I see happening in books more often. One of the characters opening up to the other, but the other not doing the same until later when it already is quite late.
Her love for architecture made her a really interesting character, I don’t know many characters (I can’t even think of one just like that) who liked architecture and was a girl. Her fangirling over all kinds of buildings was fantastic.

Graham, meh. He was a good character, but dear Lord, I got so tired of his moodswings. I can imagine why he had them, but come one dude, this is not how you get a girl. This is not the way to show a girl that you really like her. You never once speak up, you care more about appearances than you dare to speak up and show the world you have found someone you love. Sure, again, I can imagine that it might endanger his career, but what is he planning? To do the bidding of his publisher/manager and his mom for his whole life? Come on, you are 17/18 years old, just speak up and see where it will lead you.

I loved Annie’s friend, the parts with her were fantastic and often super hilarious. That girl sure can scream! No matter what time. And she is a great friend to Annie. Even with all the distance between them they keep contact and they still are best friends. Quite often this is different, girl moves and the friendship slowly disappears. I was happy to see that this book didn’t do that.

The romance between Graham and Annie was fantastic, really swoonworthy and I really enjoyed reading about them. I was just squealing each time they got together. And I had quite some laughs about some parts of their dates and romance. They had to do some weird things to keep people from finding out.

I really loved the tour and also the parts that took place in Europe. So much fun! We also see the dangers of being a super star. Girls going crazy, stalking girls, girls screaming their love at the hotel and so much more. I can only imagine that one will go totally crazy. And yet, Graham still stays a gentleman and is kind to his fans.

All in all this is a book I would really recommend. 🙂


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