Review for Ms. Marvel Vol.1 No Normal

Review for Ms. Marvel Vol.1 No Normal

20898019So I heard a lot about this graphic novel/comic, and decided to finally check it out.

While it didn’t have the problem that I have with a lot of comics/graphic novels, it still felt like it was rushing through everything. At times the story didn’t progress much, but sometimes things would happen and I would be like: Wait? What? How? I just had to run along with the story trying to keep up.

Luckily, like I said, unlike other comics/graphic novels we don’t really get thrown head first in a story or a world. We meet Kamala and only after we meet her, her family and their strictness does weirdness start to kick in. Only then do we see Kamala change into a superhero, though a very clumsy and awkward one. There should really be a guide if one suddenly and magically transforms into a superhero.

And that is also what makes the story pretty great, we see Kamala struggle, we see her struggle with her powers, figuring out how they work, what they can and can’t do and we see her try to help out people. Of course at first she is at risk, people might find out, her powers are just too unstable and too new for her to keep them, so she needs a disguise. It was great fun seeing her try out stuff, draw up designs and finally deciding on one outfit.

Kamala is a really great and diverse character. Her family situation is very interesting, I really enjoyed reading about Kamala’s life and seeing what she did. I could clearly see that she loved her parents and her brother, but she also wants to be able to enjoy life, and go out and party. Which is logical, she is a girl with dreams and friends. And now she is also a superhero.

The art was gorgeous, though at times the faces looked like they went through a blender, which is a shame. But all in all, the art was truly one of my favourite things of this comic/graphic novel. I love the colours that were used.

All in all, I would recommend this graphic novel/comic to everyone. Are you looking for a realistic and diverse character? Try out this one.


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