Review for Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

Review for Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

23017947Just when I thought this series couldn’t get better, it got better! This was a crazy, awesome and pun-filled, reference-filled volume of Ms. Marvel.

We continue where we left the last time. Ms. Marvel is still hunting down the Inventor, a guy who is making her life and her city a hell. Teenagers are missing, stuff go boom and more. I am glad that they continued, it felt like we never left, like we just took a little break from this world and then jumped right back in it.

Ms. Marvel/Kamala is still a perfect character. Nerdy, a typical teenager, but also a girl filled with hopes, dreams and kick-ass powers. I loved to see her two lives. The one where she is hiding under a mask and saving people, and the other, living with parents who are religious, who follow rules, and who expect her to be a good girl, following those rules and more. They even send her to an important person in the Mosque to talk about her sneaking out and doing stuff that her parents don’t approve of. I really liked that Sheikh, instead of preaching, instead of berating Kamala, he talks to her honestly, trying to figure out with kindness what she is doing, why she is doing it, and even after that he stays calm.
It is really interesting to see how the two worlds are so different, yet also so much the same in a way.
Kamala did something fantastic at the end of this volume, I won’t spoil what, but I do have to applaud her. Wow, not many people would do that, and I was just so proud of her.

This album wasn’t only battles and serious stuff, we also meet some new characters and my oh my, I just rolled off my chair when we met Wolverine. Ms. Marvel’s reaction to him was just epic and brilliant. Poor Wolverine, stuck with a girl who just fangirls all over him, squees when he does stuff, it was just brilliant. Especially Wolverine’s reaction to stuff, it just all fits so perfectly with the Wolverine I know from other works. But, Wolverine is also kind and also friendly, helping her out, telling her about his powers and also warning her. I do hope we will get to see more of Wolverine, he is one of my favourite characters and even though he is a bit grumpy at times, he is still nice and friendly underneath that all.

Kamala/Ms. Marvel also gets a new companion, and boy, it was fantastic. I hope we will see more of our teleporting big puppy, since he is a great asset to the book, and he helps out Kamala/Ms. Marvel so much. Even though he was so big, I do have to say he was pretty cute, and I can imagine that Kamala/Ms. Marvel would want to keep him. Too bad that her parents say no to this, as dogs are impure.

We also find out more about the mist that happened in volume 1, and thanks to this we also find out what happened to Kamala, what her powers entail and we find out more about what she is. Which brings us to another set of characters, great characters, who are bound to visit again soon.

The story is action-packed, with a few normal parts added to the mix. It is the perfect mix, I do tend to get bored if something is only action, so mixing it with comedy and some light-hearted stuff is great.

The art is pretty good, at times it looks a bit weird, but generally I really love how everything is draw, how many details there are and I just love the colours that were used. Not too bright or vibrant, but also not dull and boring, just the right mix in-between everything.

Would I recommend this volume/series? Heck, yes! We have a fantastic diverse character kicking ass, we got various references and puns, we got fangirling, we got action and friendship and so much more. Read this one!


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