Review for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Fins of Fury

Review for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Fins of Fury

18709748The third book in this fantastic series, and it was yet another great book with laugh out loud situations and we also meet new characters.

Like the 2 other books we have 2 stories in one book. The first one is about Tom and Pradeep going on a camp, of course Mark isn’t that far away as he is apparently coming with them. Frankie is also there (of course, because leaving him alone would only mean certain doom). We meet with Grizzly Cook and Sam Savage (those names, I just laughed when I saw them), and we find out about that mysterious critter that is stalking these woods (I loved that critter’s food preference, totally not what I was expecting). Of course Mark also has a plan, and it was interesting to see what he was planning (and also with whom he was planning it).
All in all the first story was terrific and fun. The ending was great, glad to see that that happened.

The second one was even better. Pets are mysteriously disappearing and not only that, but Mark turns super nice. Which on the one hand was really refreshing, but on the other hand very creepy. It totally didn’t fit him. Even if he wasn’t trying to be an evil scientist this niceness would never fit him. He is more the type to boss around and be rude.
We meet a new character named Geek Girl (I would also change my name to something else if my name was Glenda), who would really match well with Mark. She is quite temperamental and also bossy. I am not entirely sure if I like her or not. At times she was great, but at times she reminded me a bit too much of Mark.
The end part and the what and who and how was really great and I enjoyed it. I can see trouble brewing though, trouble for Frankie. It will be interesting to read book 4 (which I am going to do soon) and see if we meet that one again. And see what will happen.

The characters were once again great and I really like Tom and Pradeep, I love that they are such good friends that they know what the other is saying without them actually saying anything. Or that with one hand signal they instantly know what to do. Of course like most friendships, it is not always friendly between them, through 3 books we have seen them argue or fight, luckily they always fix things and turn nice again.

Frankie, I still like him a lot, he is a great character and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next books. He really changes through the books, for the better. We can see him understand what Pradeep and Tom say, and also vice versa, they can understand him. I love the fact that he can hypnotize, order people around, but also can kung-fu. And that he apparently doesn’t mind helping out Sami with painting things. 🙂

The illustrations are still great and like I said in my review for the previous book, they match so well.

Ah, something that I forgot to mention in my previous reviews, each of these books have little drawings on the lower right corner. You can flip those and you will see Frankie doing something that matches with the theme of the book. It is really fun to flip these pages. Frankie comes to life!

What more to say, I think I have everything mentioned and like the other books, I would recommend these to everyone. Looking for a funny book about a pet that no one else has? Then this is for you.


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