Review for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Fintastic Fish-sitter

Review for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Fintastic Fish-sitter

978-1447277613I am a huge fan of this series, I am really happy that I found the first book some weeks ago, because boy, this series is just wonderful, cute and hilarious.

I just had to get this picture book. Seeing the characters in colour? Check! Having another fun adventure featuring Frankie? Check! But this book brought more fun then I thought. Instead of Tom and Pradeep as main characters we quickly switch to Sami, the little sister of Pradeep. Finally she can have her say, finally we have a story with her as main character. Because Sami is one of my favourite characters, it is always fun to see her around in the stories, she really adds to the story and she is also super protective of Frankie.

This story is all about her fish-sitting Frankie, and it was truly fun to see her protect Frankie (by sitting on his bowl, hunching over it, and even building a tower in a swimming pool). Why? Well, guess who is also around. Yep, Fang is also there, and I was delighted to see our little kitty in full colour.

The antics between Frankie and Fang were hilarious, and also what Sami did. For such a tiny little girl she is really awesome and is very strict. I loved the ending of the book, and especially how Fang and Frankie looked (expressions and something else). I just burst out in laughter. They both had it coming. Can’t play nice? Well then let Sami pick a game. Maybe these two will learn something, like that one does not mess with Sami.

The illustrations were really pretty and fun, I just love them and I also love seeing all the characters (not only Frankie) in colour.

I would highly recommend this picture book if you are looking for a fun summer book to read, or if you are looking for a book about zombie goldfish and vampire kittens. 🙂


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