Review for The Road to You

Review for The Road to You

23251931Review for the ARC.

The parents complain about everything, what happened to the wonderful people from the last book? Did they get sucked out of it? Aliens? Possession?

She spends 9k ONCE on some clothes. Yeah, that is a lot, but does she need to get preached by everyone? Seriously, it happened ONCE. She never ever splurged on something, it is HER money, HER thing, so why is everyone making a big deal out of it. If she does it all the time, go ahead. But come on, let the girl have fun with her OWN money for once. Her parents, Kai, everyone is just making a big fuss about it. Sjeesh, really I hate this. Again, it is her OWN money, her OWN choice. And sure she is 17, but sorry, I don’t really see the problem as long as she doesn’t keep doing it all the time.

I don’t like how Bird treats Kai and Adam. Pick one of them, not both. You can’t just flirt with Kai and then also flirt with Adam. That is just not good. Either pick one of them or lose both of them.

The blurb spoiled the book for me. I expected those things (Kai and L.A.) to happen in the beginning. But no. Kai doesn’t come into the romance picture until 1/4 in, and L.A. and the decision to go there doesn’t happen until 1/2. We met Kai, and I was like: Oh hello, Kai, did you know she likes you? And when L.A. happened, I was like, Oh hello L.A.. I really hate it when blurbs spoil stuff. If it happens in the beginning, I don’t mind, but sorry, this was just annoying and it ruined a fair chunk of the book.

The book misses its magical spark. The spark that pulled me into the previous book. It felt empty and devoid of emotion. I hated practically every character (also Bird), while I loved them in the previous book. 🙁

I loved the Bird in the previous book. However in this one, she was just lacking. Her work ethic sucks. She has to make an album, but yet cares more about her new boyfriend. She had so many inspiring ideas, and instead of shoving her boyfriend out of her trailer, she just stayed with him and let the awesome ideas go away. It is a real shame.

All the drama between Kai and Bird was just so stupid. It was overdramatic and silly and instead of feeling sorry for either of them, I was just shaking my head and hoping this thing would stop.
Also those random THE PAUSE stuff that happened between conversations of Bird and Kai. It was interesting the first time, it was nice the second time, but when it happened over and over again…. I was just wondering how these 2 are together. They don’t match, they argue and Kai just wants Bird for the sex (at least that is how it feels to me).

Not to mention all the other silly drama stuff. Or the silly rival crap. That just got old very fast. Seriously, Bird needs to learn what to say and not just blurt out stuff and then regret it later when Anita tells her it was a bad thing. Things like: “Look, Kayelee and I have totally different styles. If fans want authenticity, that’s what they’ll get from me – real music”. Seriously, what is up with that girl. You DON’T say stuff like that, you should know better. URGHHHHHH, drama.

I am sad to say that I can’t rate this book more than 2 stars, and that already feels like too much. I loved the previous book (having it at 4 stars), but this one just sucked. And I wouldn’t recommend the book. I am sorry, I was so looking forward to this book, and I am so sad and disappointed that it turned out to be like this. :\


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