Review for Tears of a Friend

Review for Tears of a Friend

978-1781272121Before I start talking about what I thought about the book, let me tell you this story (also about the book, but not my thoughts, just something that happened).

Well… this was not the book I was expecting at all. I didn’t even know it was this kind of book until I started reading it. Now, I can hear you all just ask me how I didn’t know it was this book, or how I didn’t know the book was about teenagers and arguments. Well, funny story, the library I got this book from today, had the book bound as Hairy Horror, another book in the book series this one falls in. So, I was expected horrorish stories, sibling arguments and spiders. Instead I started at the first chapter and got stuff about Claire and Cassie, boys, clothes and arguments. I looked back at the book, looked some more, checked the book, saw that they kept the title page and that one clearly said this book was actually Tears of a Friend. I guess next time I visit that library that I will give it to them and I guess it will be destroyed or get rid off then. It is sad, but apparently someone somewhere made an interesting mistake when they were binding this book for library use (which is what they do in my country, stripping the book, and binding it so it is durable).

Now, after all that, did I enjoy the book? Not really, maybe it is because I expected something else, or maybe it was the story, but I couldn’t enjoy it. The girls are apparently 14, but they often act way older which is quite confusing. At times I had to check back and make sure they are still 14 and not 16 or even 17.
The story was pretty boring and I was just annoyed with these girls. The main character throws a hissy fit when her friend apparently dismisses a top that she likes and voilà, most of the book is about said argument and sorry, it is just a stupid thing to argue about and go on weeks without each other, until something happens to one of them and they get back together.

The characters are pretty bland, just your typical book teenager. Loves shopping, is getting to that age that they find boys interesting, has annoying moms that keep nagging them to take care of themselves, you know the drill. Nothing really special.

I am also not entirely sure about the title. As the teary stuff don’t happen until practically the end of the book, and even that is very short.

Luckily the book was short so I flew through it, but I wouldn’t really recommend this book to people.


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