Review for The Quirks: Welcome to Normal

Review for The Quirks: Welcome to Normal

25859853A really funny and brilliant book.

I am so glad that I bought this book when I saw it at a discount, and I am also dearly glad that I found this edition. Because the other edition cover? It spoils a big thing. Which of course, you probably won’t know unless you read it. But I think that if you read the first pages of the book and find out certain things, that you will be looking strangely. I never get it, why do publishers/authors/artists spoil a book by way of blurb, forewords or covers. Do they not want people to be entertained?

Now back to the book. I really loved it. We have a family with all kinds of talents/quirks, each one has one. Well, each one? Not Molly. Molly is the only one who is normal in her family. Which brings some conflicts. On the one hand, she loves her family, on the other however, she doesn’t like that she has to remind them all the time to act normal, to be normal. She hates the constant moving around, she wants to make friends, she wants to feel home somewhere. Add to that, that this little girl also has an additional task in the household. Keeping an eye out for her little brother. I can hear you ask why, well read the book and find out why only she is up to the task of babysitting her little brother.
I loved the fact that the Quirks (who are so not normal), move to a town named Normal. A town where everything is seemingly supernormal, though they have an event each year that breaks the normalcy. I just loved that event, I would love to have one in my city.

Molly was a great character, and I loved how she tried to help out her family, but you can also clearly see that after moving so much, after finally settling in, that she is about the burst when things do seem to go wrong. I just felt sorry for her. All she wants is to stay somewhere for a longer time than a few days or even a few weeks, but with her family, and their tendency to do stuff out of the ordinary there is at times little hope.
Even with everything that happens, Molly does stay mostly positive throughout the book. She helps out her family, motivates her sister (whose power is fun, but also uncontrollable) and does so much more. She is an amazing character and she felt so real.

I am not sure what I thought about her family. The mom and the twin sister at least tried their best to keep their quirks hidden, but sadly I can’t say the same for the grandmother, the grandfather and that annoying piece of poo of a brother. They seemed to enjoy getting the family in trouble. The grandfather for just doing whatever he wanted, no matter the place. The grandmother for not understanding that she just needs to stay away from humans. And then we have the most horrendous character of all, the little brother. Not only for what he did to undermine his family (I can understand that he might be frustrated that he can’t have friends and do stuff, but come on, this was ridiculous), but also for his most annoying pranks and stupid toilet humour jokes. It was fun once, but after a while I just wanted the kid to disappear forever. Dear Lord, what a horrendous little piece of poo that kid was. :\

The story was really fun and interesting. And I really enjoyed reading it.

The setting was fun, the town of Normal really sounds like such a fun place to live. Calm, peaceful and silent.

I will be sure to get the other books in this series as it is a fun series, even if it has some horrendous characters. I am quite curious about some things and I hope they will get addressed in the next books.

Would I recommend this book to people? Yes, yes I would.


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