Review up for Himikoi Vol.1 and Vol.2

Review up for Himikoi Vol.1 and Vol.2

07202473Wow, this was amazing. As a whole series I would give it 5+ stars. This is a must read!

This will be a short review for Volume 1 and 2.

I thought it would be fun to check out Robico’s other works, I only read/am still reading My Little Monster, but that one is sadly almost finished (we are at volume 9 of 13 volumes in English now). I really loved these one shots/short strories, though I wish she would have put some of that romance that is in these, in My Little Monster, since that manga really lacks something, and now I know that she can actually write awesome romance, I want the same to happen in My Little Monster.

These 2 volumes have a couple a chapter. So don’t get too attached to these characters as you will only see them in that one chapter.

Most of the stories in this series are the basic kind. Girl likes Boy or Boy likes Girl. And we see how each of them end up, how they start to fall in love, or are already in love but hoping for a happy ending with that one special person. 2 stories however are totally different from all the others. We have one that is about a teacher x student relationship (in case you don’t like that one, I would say skip it, though it is a very sweet one), and we have one story about a boy and a girl whose parents got married together, making them relatives/brother and sister. However, as time passes they find out they really love each other. It was a really heartbreaking story.

I loved that at the last chapter, at that last page, that she added a few couples from that particular volume. It was so fun to see our couples again!

The art is typical Robico art. Very easy to spot, and at times a bit confusing, I just had to make sure at times that I was reading this and not My Little Monster. 🙂 But the art is one thing that I really love about this manga, it is really pretty, easy on the eyes and I love how she draws characters.

But all in all, this is one beautiful manga, and I would really recommend it highly to everyone.


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