*throws around sparkles*It is make-over time!

*throws around sparkles*It is make-over time!

Hello everyone,

As you could have probably seen my blog had a make-over. I now have an official header (and not that WP standard thing + tagline). Not only that, the font is changed (not only the posts, but also all the others), the social/sharing buttons are changed, several colours are now different, and changed the upper background image.

I want to thank my boyfriend for helping me out with this, from making the gorgeous and beautiful header from a drawing I drew, to helping me set the new fonts. Thanks! It is amazing and I love it.

My blog layout is more me now and less WordPress, which is something I have been hoping to change for some time, but I just didn’t have a clear image in my head for what I would want, until yesterday that is. Yesterday I suddenly had a spark and that evolved to this beautiful make-over. Now my blog layout is mostly me, with just a few elements borrowed from WordPress. And that feels really great.

I hope all my followers/fellow book lovers/visitors will love my new layout as much as I do. Hopefully the font works OK for all of you.

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