Waiting on Wednesday ~ My Pet Human

Waiting on Wednesday ~ My Pet Human

Hello everyone!

It is another Wednesday! I hope all my blog readers are doing fine!

This week I only got one book that I am really looking forward to, it is coming out soon, and I can’t wait to read it.

22718720From queen cat lady Yasmine Surovec comes a cuddly new chapter book series about a cat in need of a pet human.
Oliver is an independent kitty. He has his run of the neighbourhood and looks at his animal friends with their fussing humans with pity. But when a freckle-faced girl moves into town, Oliver sees the opportunity to train a human to provide him with a few creature comforts. And if he can help her adjust to her life and make a new friend, that’s just all in a day’s work. The real surprise comes, however, when Oliver needs Freckles just as much as she needs him. Not a comic book and not a traditional illustrated chapter book, My Pet Human is truly a hybrid of text and art that could only come from the whimsical and brilliant mind of Yasmine Surovec.

So why do I really want to read those books? 

I just love Yasmine Surovec’s art and I also love how funny they are. I check out her site regularly and I also have 2 other books by her (from the Kitty series), so when I heard we would have a new book, this time from the POV of a cat, I just knew I had to have it. It sounds really adorable and also really fun. It reminds me a bit of a manga called Chi’s Sweet Home, a manga that is 99% from the POV of a tiny little kitten and her wonderful and cute adventures.

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