Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.6

Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.6

917HM7UybsLAnd so they set off to outside of their school. After 5 volumes of staying in the school, and only having outings when it was really needed, they have decided to go and set a new goal.

Of course, for Yuki, they have just announced it like they are going to check out schools for when they graduate, for when they want to continue. I really love that this was done, sure, I would love to see Yuki see the truth, but the times that slivers of that reality popped in, we saw what it did to the girl, and I think it would be best if they just keep the lies alive for her (and probably their) sake.

The trip isn’t without danger, at times I do wonder how they survived up to now, and with them setting out, I also wonder how it will continue. The only one who can truly do something is Kurumi, and I still wonder about that girl. She seems infected, but at the same time also quite healthy. It seems that she is kind of like a zombie, given to how the zombies react to her these days. Not something you would want to happen to yourself.
But back to the trip. I wonder how they will do. The last chapter indicates that they made it to the university, but I don’t trust that university one bit, not after what happened and not with the way they got to the university.

Also what is up with Rii-chan and that little girl? Is she also losing it? Or is it truly a little girl? I guess we will find out as the story progresses, for everyone’s sake I do hope it is a real girl, but I am guessing there is a big twist about to happen regarding this new character. There are after all enough hints hinting to a certain end.

The art is great, there is quite a bit of zombie action and we meet new characters. How it will continue? Will they survive? What will happen at the university? I got many questions, and I can’t wait for the next volume to pop up and, hopefully, enlighten us on stuff. I will be waiting eagerly.


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