Review for Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Review for Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

23369370This is the review for the ARC.

Let’s just say that I expected something different from this book. What I expected: A couple, on the border of going to college, having to decide: Should we stay together? Or break up? What follows is a tour through their memories, a tour through what is/was important to them. Now what I got: A couple, on the border of going to college, arguing all the time about the question, calling each other names, and the tour through the memories is cut short because of things happening and fights popping up. There is also something else, but I need to put that under a spoiler tag so I will mention that one later in the review. I also wished/had hoped for a mountain of romance and fluff, but that isn’t this book. 🙁

Clare was also a bit so-so with her schedules and her lists and her need to have everything planned. She loosens up a bit, but she is still a bit stiff about things. I didn’t like how she didn’t even care to look further than her own 2 parents. Oh, it didn’t went ok for them, so everything else must suck as well. That is not how it works. And Aidan does try his best to give her examples, but she just blatantly ignores them or dismisses them. Throughout the book I felt like Clare was a bit self-centred, always expecting people to make time for her, or pay attention to her. For instance with her friend Stella? I think it is pretty bad that Clare never noticed, never asked, never went through the trouble of looking further than her own glass bubble of love with Aidan and the bubble of college.

Aidan was cute, but he wasn’t always honest (I won’t spoil anything, but I was just pissed that he never told Clare about that thing). He was also a bit boring and bland. I had expected him to be a bit more fun and romantic. And while I liked that he tried to convince Clare, I also wished he would just give her space instead of pushing her to pick him.

The best characters in the book would be Scotty and Stella, they were wonderful and terribly fun. Especially Scotty. Dear Lord, that guy is hilarious. I hope we will get a companion or a novella about these 2 characters.

The biggest problem I had with the book was that Clare and Aidan break up around half of the book, which is terribly awkward. Again, I expect a book about romance and fluff and a big decision, and then they break off before the book even ends? Um, what? And then they still continue doing stuff together (going to their friends and parties), which maximizes the awkwardness. Also I can’t really see why it was so hard for Clare to say I love you. I can imagine if the relationship is still in the beginning phase. But come on, they had SEX, they have been together for 2 years. It just felt weird and I can so imagine that Aidan feels sad and angry about it. And no, I dove you, DOES NOT count.

The whole fight thing that happened between characters and that involved Clare? Stupid. Good job boys, doing that. :\

Of course, not all is bad. The story was pretty cute and it really picked up after half of the book and I really liked the idea of 2 people, 2 people in love(?), trying to figure out how to spend the last night, and dealing with the biggest question they have now: Breaking up or keep together? The book is split up in stops and I liked that this was done. I haven’t seen it happen in a book before (yes, maybe in a road trip book, but not in a book like this).

The ending was pretty decent, but I felt it was a bit too predictable and a bit too cliché, but I guess some people will like that. I like it to, at times, but I didn’t think it really fitted the book.


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