Review for Kinkyori Ren’ai Vol.1

Review for Kinkyori Ren’ai Vol.1

Kinkyori-01-kodanshaAfter checking out another manga by this artist (see my review for Kyou no Kira-kun), I decided to see what else this mangaka made, and I found this one.

Now, I normally am not one to like teacher x student stuff. Often it is inappropriate and I just don’t think it is right for a teacher to start something with his students. But for some reason I just can’t seem to stop reading this one. Maybe it has to do with how the romance is treated, how it is done. There are some very sensual kisses, but that is it. Well, it truly is adorable to see how Uni totally flushes red and even becomes flustered, but not much happens. The romance is really pure and innocent, and also the teacher is pretty stand-offish. You can clearly see he wants to do more, but he respects the boundaries.

Of course something happens near the end of this volume, I won’t spoil what, but it will change quite a bit of how one sees this relationship. I am totally fine with this though, I think it is pretty nice of him and I was just awwwing when it happened. 🙂

Now for the characters.
We have a girl named Uni. She is the prodigy of the school, she is pretty stoic, but if you get to know her better, you find out she is still a girl inside, a girl who will squeal and swoon at the sight of hot boys, a girl with strange hobbies and a girl who at times makes some pretty weird movies (seriously, what the hell is up with this girl).
At times I was a bit tired of her stoicness, and I wish she would lighten up more, or that she would get rid of her boringness. Because, she is at times a bit boring. But then something would happen and we would see another side to her.
Uni is a great girl and it is brilliant to see her change as the story progresses.
Also I love that she is so tsundere about things. You just don’t expect a stoic girl to suddenly lash out. 🙂

The teacher. While I did like him for most of the time, I at times was annoyed with the way he treated Uni. Often he treated her nice, but a lot of times he treated her as a child, and while it is true, she is a child, if you are in something like this with another person it isn’t nice to call them a child or to degrade them.
Then there is one thing, he smokes. I don’t like characters who smoke, I absolutely loathe cigarettes/cigars/etc., not only because it stinks, but also due to other reasons. Sure, characters look sexy, but I can just imagine the smell, and I can’t imagine that people actually like it. The only thing it does to me is cause me to cough and several other stuff. 😐 So I hope that our teacher will soon stop smoking or that his smoking habit gradually fades to the background.

Of course we have love rivals, and that makes the book even better. Especially considering a certain person’s past. 🙂

And naturally there is some drama. But that is to be expected, after all this is a series about a teacher and a student loving each other. And drama just comes naturally with that, at least that is what I have seen in the few stuff I read.

The art is gorgeous and beautiful. The kissing scenes, and the romantic scenes are absolutely lovely to look at.

All in all, I will be continuing with this series. I probably won’t write a review for all of them, though I might write a review when I find the last volume and read that.

Would I recommend this manga/volume? Yes. Yes, I would. It is romantic, it is fun and it is cute.


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