Review for Kyou no Kira-kun Vol.1

Review for Kyou no Kira-kun Vol.1

16301277I was looking for a new manga to enjoy, and I found this one. The blurb seemed really interesting and the art looked pretty. After reading it, do I still like it?

Yes, yes I do. It is a cute story, though a bit predictable and more of the same. This isn’t bad, it is just something that seems a bit standard with this kind of manga.

Still I am really interested in those 365 days, will we see Kira decline in health? What will happen to him after 365 days? Will he die? Will he live? How will they go on as the days pass by and the time of his death is coming near?

We have the girl who hides behind things (mostly I guess due to her past), a girl whose only friend is a cockatiel named Sensei, a girl bullied at school. A girl who is actually really sweet, pure and innocent. But also a bit naive and a bit of an idiot. Nino was a nice character, but her idiocy and how she saw things just annoyed me a bit at times. I was just shaking my head and wondering how the hell she would think those things. It just didn’t match with how she looked and her diary entries.
Luckily, she is changing bit by bit. Even in this first volume I can see her changing, and I can see that she will become even better with each volume.

Then we have Kira, who at first glance, seems to be a typical jerk popular boy. But as the volume passes by, we see that he is actually not that. Especially now that he has heard the heartbreaking news of his illness and the fact he might die soon. I loved Kira, he was cute and I loved that he enjoyed photography. I do hope he will be showing his emotions more and more as the series progresses, he has great potential to become good. Of course I am also interested in seeing what he will do in those 365 days. Will he do some special things? Will his relationship with Nino evolve into something bigger?

Sadly, I have to deduct at least 1 star for the annoying cockatiel. At first I was like, ewww, she is wearing a dead/stuffed cockatiel on her shoulder? Then we find out it is a real one, and I was like, wtf is wrong with you? Why are you taking your pet to school?
And then we find out that the bird has a personality of his own, that he can talk, that he can do all kinds of things, and it just broke the story for me. The story of 2 people getting together and live through the 365 days the other still had. If the cockatiel was just stuffed, or an accessory, it would be OK. She could just slowly move away from it, however, I don’t see that happen in this story, and that kind of worries me. Pets are nice, but do they need to be around 24/7. Can’t that thing just live at home while she is at school/dates/etc.?
I do hope that the cockatiel appearances will lessen as the story progresses or that he will at least not take such a centre stage.

The art is just fabulous, beautiful, sweet and cute. The people look beautiful, gorgeous backgrounds and close-ups, wow!

All in all, I would still recommend this one. Though if you are not the type for annoying side-kicks, I would say skip this one.


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